PayPal - Manual Refunds

Administrators can manually initiate full and partial refunds for PayPal transactions via the Manage Transactions page.

To access the Manage Transactions page, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > E-Commerce > Manage Transactions. Then, click on the order you want to refund.

Manual Refund

To initiate a manual refund:

  1. Click the Refund icon in the Options column next to the training you are refunding. A pop-up window appears.
  2. In the pop-up, review the refund information and select a refund amount. Then add a note in the Note field explaining the refund.
  3. Click the Submit button to submit the refund.

If the refund is successful, the related refund information is reflected in the following locations:

  • Manage Transactions page
  • Order History
  • Custom Reports
  • Emails

See Refunds Overview.


  • If tax was applied to the transaction by PayPal, during the refund process the administrator should specify the pre-tax amount to refund to the customer. The maximum refundable amount to a customer is the sub-total amount. Once the refund is triggered, PayPal refunds the tax proportional to the amount refunded.
  • If tax is not applied to the transaction, the amount refunded is not changed.