Ultimate Software's UltiPro Core Data Inbound Integration

For organizations using Ultimate UltiPro as their system of record for Human Resources data, the Core Data Integration is a solution that allows management of employee and organizational unit (OU) data in Cornerstone when there are changes to employee and OU records in UltiPro. This integration, which previously existed outside of Edge, is now hosted in Edge for a simple enablement experience that organizations can configure and manage. This integration is API based and no longer require flat files.

The default language preference that is set in UltiPro is passed to Cornerstone, which is used when a user is created in Cornerstone; if the user's language is later updated in Cornerstone, the default language does not overwrite the user's new language setting. If the UltiPro default language preference is not available or enabled in Cornerstone, then the Cornerstone portal default language is used for the user.

Integration Guide

Select this link to download the Ultimate Software's UltiPro Core Data Inbound Integration Guide.


  • Data is only sent from UltiPro to Cornerstone. User record data and Organizational Unit (OU) data is not sent from Cornerstone to UltiPro if users or OUs are updated or added in Cornerstone.
  • OU and user data is synced from UltiPro to Cornerstone nightly. OU data is synced from UltiPro at 3:00 AM PST, and User data is synced at 4:00 AM PST.
  • Ultimate's Employee APIs refresh every three hours. As a result, a force sync only syncs all users when the Ultimate API is refreshed with all changes.
  • Only standard fields are sent from UltiPro to Cornerstone. Custom fields are currently not supported.
  • Timezone data is not sent from UltiPro to Cornerstone for OUs or users. It must be configured as a system property.
  • UltiPro implementations that have multiple companies, positions, and locations are not supported by this integration.
  • Any existing users and OUs that were created prior to enabling this integration would be updated by UltiPro if they exist in UltiPro.

Ultimate UltiPro Core Data Integration Enablement

To enable the Ultimate UltiPro Core Data integration:

  1. Open UltiPro and navigate to the System Account Administration (Menu > System Configuration > System Account Administration).
  2. Select the Add button to add a new account.

  1. Populate the User name, Password, and E-mail fields. Note: These credentials will be used when configuring the integration within Cornerstone Edge.
  2. Then, grant View access for the following Web Service permissions:
    1. Company Configuration Integration
    2. Employee Export

  1. Select the Save button to save the service account.
  2. Navigate to the Display Settings to identify the Organization Levels and their corresponding Description values. For example, in the below image, Organization Level 1 is configured to be Division, as indicated by the Description field for this Organization Level.

  1. Open the Edge Marketplace (Admin > Tools > Edge > Marketplace). Then, search for and purchase the Ultimate UltiPro Core Data Sync Integration.
  2. Activate the integration via Edge Integrate (Admin > Tools > Edge > Integrations).
  3. Configure the integration on the Edge Settings page by entering the following information:
    1. Customer API Key - This is the UltiPro five-character Customer API Key that is found on the Service Account Administration page.
    2. Tenant URL - UltiPro service endpoints are comprised of two parts: Tenant URL and resource path. The Tenant URL will be similar to https://servicet.UltiPro.com, but will vary by customer datacenter and production/test environments. This enables you to specify the correct UltiPro environment (Production, Pilot, Stage) for the data sync.
    3. Username - Enter the User name value that was set when creating a service account in UltiPro in step 3.
    4. Password - Enter the Password value that was set when creating a service account in UltiPro in step 3.
    5. Contact Email - Enter the email address to which you want error notifications to be sent (multiple email addresses should be separated by a comma). A best practice is to set up an email distribution list of all administrators who would monitor integration errors.
    6. User Identifier - Select whether UltiPro uses the User ID or User Number as the unique identifier for users.
    7. OU Mapping - Select which Organization Level in UltiPro corresponds with each OU type in Cornerstone. Note: The Location and Position OUs in Cornerstone automatically map to UltiPro's Location and Job Organization Levels.

Once the integration is enabled, all existing data is automatically scheduled to be synced from Ultimate UltiPro to the Cornerstone system. Following the initial sync, administrators can log in to their Ultimate UltiPro account and create or edit organization entities (e.g., Organization Level 1, Organization Level 2), and these entities will be created or updated as OUs in the Cornerstone system. Similarly, administrators can create or edit employees, and these employees will be created or updated as users in the Cornerstone system.

Once a sync is complete, a notification email is sent to the specified email address that is configured in the Contact Email field for the integration. The email contains a list of each OU and user that was added, updated, or failed to sync. For failures, a failure reason is included.


The Ultimate UltiPro Core Data integration is available to try or to purchase via the Edge Marketplace. To access the Edge Marketplace, go to Admin > Tools > Edge > Marketplace.

This functionality is available to all organizations. Organizations must also have an Ultimate UltiPro account.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Edge Integrations - Manage Grants access to the Integrations service for Edge Integrate where the administrator can configure, enable, and disable their third-party integrations that are used within the Cornerstone system. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Edge
Edge Marketplace - Manage Grants access to the Marketplace service for Edge Integrate where the administrator can browse and purchase integrations that can be used to extend the Cornerstone system. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Edge
Universal Profile - User Record - View Users Grants ability to view user records in the system. Administrators can view the Modification History page for user records within their constraints. The administrator must have additional permissions to view specific fields on the user record. This permission can be constrained by OU, User's OU, User's Self, User Self and Subordinates, and User. This is an administrator permission. Core Administration