Data Exporter API - Access Core Objects Over API

The Data Exporter API is available to organizations that use the Reporting API, and it provides access to Core objects, which are enhanced versions of views that are more performant at scale.

The following benefits are included with the Data Exporter API:

  • Max page size increased to 10,000
  • Replaces 80 legacy views
  • Extended metadata to simplify integrations
    • Descriptions
    • Custom Field Names
    • Relationships between fields and objects (via the Odata Navigation properties)
  • All core objects include Last_touched_dt

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

Data Exporter core objects are optimized for reliability at scale and improved performance compared to the API views. Organizations attempting to retrieve large numbers of records (>100K) may notice improved performance upon switching to the core objects.

New End Point



This functionality is available via a new end point for organizations that use the Reporting API. Objects are not 1:1 representations of views, therefore they will require some integration work in order to begin use.

API Documentation and Starter Guide

Documentation for all available APIs is available in the API Explorer for general access.

If you are not logged into your Cornerstone portal, you may want to do so since the documentation for certain Reporting API endpoints, such as those related to custom fields, adjust based on your portal's schema.