Session Roster - Exempt Users from Assignment

Administrators can exempt users from an assignment of a session via the Roster page.

Go to ILT > Manage Events & Sessions. Search for the event. In the Options column for the event, click the View Sessions icon. This option is only available to users with permission to view sessions. In the Options column for the appropriate session, click the View Roster icon.

  1. Click the Assignments tab.
  2. Next to the assignment, click the Exempt link to exempt a student from a pre-work, post-work, or prerequisite.
    • If an assignment is exempt, Already Exempted appears in the Exempt column.
    • If the student's status is Pending Prerequisite and the incomplete prerequisites are exempted, the user's Transcript status changes to Registered.
    • If a user's status is Past Due, exempting the user's pre-work changes the user's Transcript status from Past Due to Registered.
    • If a user has a required assignment that is not complete after the session was marked complete, their session training status is In Progress. Exempting a student from required pre-work or post-work makes the user's session status Completed once the roster is submitted. The roster does not have to be re-submitted to change from In Progress to Completed.

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