Session Roster - Attendance and Scoring - Revert Completed Status

Once the roster is submitted and processed, a user's Completed status can be reversed from the Attendance and Scoring tab.

Note: The Score column is editable without needing to revert the status.

To reverse a user's Completed status, on the Attendance and Scoring tab, click the Revert link in the Revert Status column. The Revert link only displays if the following conditions for the user are true:

  1. The user is in a Completed status.
  2. The user is not registered for the session through one of the following training types:
    1. Prerequisite
    2. Curriculum
    3. Certification
    4. Library
    5. Pre-Work
    6. Post-Work

The Confirm Revert User pop-up opens. Click Yes to confirm the action. Click No or Cancel to cancel the action.

The Revert Status column displays "Reverted" for users whose Completed status is reversed. If a user's status changes to Completed again, the Revert Status column replaces "Reverted" with the Revert link. Note: When a user's Completed status for a session is changed to Reverted, the Approval History section of the Training Details page records the change as "Reverted by <(user name) (user ID) on (M/D/YYYY)." The original timestamp recorded for the Completed status is unchanged.

Note: If a session was first marked as Completed and then changed to Cancelled, the administrator must carefully consider what should happen to the status of the users. If they are reverted, they will remain in a Registered status even though the session is cancelled.