Room Layouts - Manage

Room layouts can be added for use with facilities, if needed. Room layouts include a diagram of the room's floor plan. Room layouts can be added, viewed, and deleted from the Room Layouts page.

To access the Room Layouts page, go to ILT > Facilities and Resources and click the View Room Layouts button.

Room Layouts

The following options and information are available on the Room Layouts page:

  • Search - Use the search bar to search for existing room layouts.
  • Add New Layout - Click this link to add a new room layout. See the Add New Layout section below for more information.
  • Table - The table of layouts contains the following information:
    • Layout Name - This is the name of the layout.
    • View Layout - Click this link to view the uploaded image associated with the layout.
    • Created By - This is the user who created the layout.
    • Date Added - This is the date the layout was added to the system.
    • Remove - Click the Remove icon to delete a layout from the system.

Add New Layout

To add a new room layout:

  1. Click the Add New Layout link.
  2. Enter a Description of the layout.
  3. Click the Browse button to locate the image of the layout you want to add from your computer. Upload the image.
  4. Click the Add button. The room layout will be added to the system.