Manage Subscriptions

From the Manage Subscriptions page, you can manage existing e-commerce subscriptions and create new subscriptions. Subscriptions are packages of training that are typically provided to an organization's external clients.

The availability of the Subscriptions functionality is controlled by backend settings, which are disabled by default. To enable this functionality, contact Global Customer Support.

To access the Manage Subscriptions page, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > E-Commerce. Then, click the Subscriptions link from the E-Commerce section.

Create Subscription

Click the Create subscription button to create a new client account organizational unit (OU).


The following filters are available:

  • Subscription Name - Enter a full or partial name in the text box to filter the page by subscription name.
  • Include inactive and expired - Check the box to display inactive and expired subscriptions on the page. This option is unchecked by default.

Click Search to update the page with the filtered results.

Subscriptions Table

This table displays active, inactive, and expired subscriptions. The subscriptions display in ascending alphabetical order.

The following information displays for each subscription:

  • Subscription Name - This column displays the subscription name.
  • Account - This column displays the account.
  • Contact - This column displays the contact for the subscription.
  • Created - This column displays the date on which the subscription was created.
  • Starting Date - This column displays the date on which the subscription starts.
  • End Date - This column displays the date on which the subscription expires.
  • Status - This column displays the status of the subscription, either Active or Inactive. Note: The active status of a subscription is managed by clicking Edit from the Options drop-down and changing the status in the Active checkbox.
  • Options - The following options are available in the Options drop-down:
    • Edit - Click Edit to edit the subscription settings. When changes to an existing subscription are saved, the changes only apply to users who register for training that is associated with the subscription after the changes are made. The changes do not affect users who currently have training in their transcript that is associated with the subscription.