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Create Subscription - Catalog

From the Catalog page, define the training criteria for the subscription. The catalog is the package of training that will be available to users and will include certain learning object (LO) types that will be associated with the subscription.

Important Note: At least one client account must be created before you can create a subscription.

To create subscriptions, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > E-Commerce and click the Create subscription button on the Manage Subscriptions page.

Select Training Criteria

Use the Select Training drop-down to determine the training criteria for the subscription. You can add learning object (LO) types as training criteria, as well as training that is assigned to a specific Location organizational unit (OU). You can also add individual LOs.

The following options are available in the Select training criteria drop-down:

Remove Criteria

To remove criteria, check the box to the left of the criteria. This enables a Remove button to display above the criteria table. Click Remove to remove the criteria.


  • Click Back to return to the previous step of the subscription creation process.
  • Click Cancel to cancel creating the subscription.

Click Next to go to the next step of the subscription creation process.


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