Key Management - Manage Report Encryption Keys

The Report Encryption Keys tab enables administrators to create keys to add their public key for Cornerstone to encrypt the reports. By supporting a public key that customers specify when they import a file to the Edge Import feed, customers can use their corresponding private key to decrypt the PGP encrypted load report.

The load report can only be decrypted by the customer’s private key associated with that public key. Once decrypted, the user can then see records with errors so they can readily resolve them.

When creating a data load, customers select one of their public keys so Cornerstone can use it to encrypt a report after performing the load. Customers can download the load report and use their private key to decrypt it using their decrypting tool.

Customers are responsible for managing their public and private keys for load reports.

To manage Report Encryption Keys, go to Admin > Tools > Edge > Imports and Feeds. Select the Key Management panel. Then, select the Report Encryption Keys tab.

Create Report Encryption Key

To create a Report Encryption key, select the Create Key button. A Create Key flyout opens. Enter a name for the key up to 30 characters and the report encryption key value. Then, select the Create Key button.

A maximum of 20 Report Encryption Keys can be uploaded. Note that once the Report Encryption Key is uploaded, administrators cannot download nor view the value of the Report Encryption Key.

View Keys

A user can view all keys irrespective of who created them. For each key, the expiry date and key creator is displayed.

Administrators may select the Filters button to enable or disable the Show only active keys filter. By default, only active keys and only your keys are displayed.