Edge Import - Questions Load

Edge Import supports the upload of questions to the Question Bank and the upload of Question Categories.

The following question types can be loaded via Edge Import:

  • Yes/No
  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice/Single Answer
  • Multiple Choice/Multiple Answer
  • Text Only
  • Free Form (Essay)
  • Image

Starter Guide

Select this link to download the Edge Import Starter Guide.

Unique Identifiers

When loading questions, the following can be used as the unique identifier for each question:

  • Question Reference Number - Select this option when you want to reference questions using your organization's own unique reference numbers. These values are not visible in the portal.
  • Question ID - Select this option only for updating existing questions by Question ID. These values are visible in the portal.


The following considerations apply to this load type:

  • This load type only loads questions for the Test Engine. It does not support loading questions to be used in Form Management or Evaluations.
  • Question Categories must already exist or be pre-loaded before loading questions.
  • Questions created in the portal can be updated using the unique Question ID from the portal.