Edge Import - Download a Template Guide

Edge Import data templates provide instructions and recommendations for organizing and formatting your data prior to creating your data load file.

Edge Import template guides can be downloaded from the Edge Import homepage.

To access the Edge Import Homepage, go to Admin > Tools > Edge > Imports and Feeds.

To download an Edge Import template guide from the Edge Import homepage:

  1. Select the Get a Template Guide button. This opens the Get a Template Guide flyout.
  2. From the Category and Type drop-down menu, select the type of data you are loading. This drop-down only includes the data load types for which the administrators has permission to access. For example, the Employee Salary load type only appears if the administrator has the Load Employee Salary permission.
  3. From the What culture should be used as a default drop-down menu, select the default language for your data.
  4. Select the Download button. The template begins downloading.

Note: When viewing the template guide, the user who downloads the guide can only view custom fields for which the user is within the custom field availability. If the user is not within the custom field's availability settings, then the field will not appear in the guide.

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