Edge Import - Data Feed Runs

The Feed Runs page displays all previous data feed runs, including the details of each feed run. Data feed reports remain available and downloadable for 30 days after the load.

To access the Feed Runs page, go to Admin > Tools > Edge > Imports and Feeds. Then, select the Feed Runs button.


To filter which data feed runs are displayed in the table, select the Filters button. This opens the Feed Runs Filter flyout. The following options are available:

  • Filter by Feed - Select an specific data feed to view only runs from the selected feed.
  • Show Feeds Run By - Select a user to view only feed runs that were performed by the selected user.
  • Filter by Status - Select a specific status to view only runs in the selected status. This can be useful to view only feed runs that encountered an error.

Select the Apply button to apply the selected filters to the Feeds list.

Feed Runs and Validations List

The following information is displayed for each previous data feed run:

  • Feed name
  • Started
  • Run by
  • Duration
  • Feed run status
  • Feed run results