Load User Data (Cornerstone HR) - Overview

Using the User Data Load for Cornerstone HR, organizations can user data, including effective dated records. Organizations can load multiple effective dated records for each user in a single load.

This functionality only applies to organizations that are using Cornerstone HR.

Use Cases

  1. Acme Corp. is deprecating an existing HR system that has employee data about the organization for the previous eight years.
  2. Jeremy is an administrator at Acme Corp., and he is working migrating data from the HR system to the Cornerstone system.
  3. Jeremy exports the data from his legacy HR system using the reporting tool and formats the data to be loaded into the Cornerstone system.
  4. With this enhancement, Jeremy can include all eight years of data for his employees in a single load, meaning that it is much easier for him to migrate data from the legacy system into Cornerstone.


Users cannot be created in the system "as of" a point in time; users can only be created "as of" Right Now. Thus, to perform a data load of effective dated information, the users must already exist in the Cornerstone system.

Effective dating is applied to the entire record. It cannot be applied on a field-by-field basis when loading data using the Data Load Wizard.

Backdating user data before 1901 is not supported.

Begin Loading User Data

See Load User Data - Step 1 - Get Started (Cornerstone HR).