Load Data - Select Data Load Template

Data Load templates are valuable when loading data to your system. The templates enable you to format your data in the proper manner so that data is loaded properly with all of the necessary information. Each data type that can be loaded using the Data Load Wizard has its own system template that can be used to format data.

The default system templates provided are Excel spreadsheets with all of the appropriate data fields that correspond to field names in the system. The spreadsheet is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2004, 2007, and 2010. Each available data field title is listed in its own column along the first row of the spreadsheet. Required fields are displayed in red and optional fields are displayed in black.

To download a template, open the Data Load Wizard, select the type of data you are loading, and on the Upload page click the Template link in the lower-left corner. You are provided the opportunity to save the template to your computer and then you can open the template.

Copy your data into the appropriate columns of the template. The data must be formatted properly in order to accurately load into the system. Be sure the data is formatted properly by viewing the Helpful Hints, which is available by clicking the Helpful Hints tab in the lower-left corner of the Template Excel document.

The Helpful Hints of the document has an overview of field requirements for quick reference. This tab provides helpful hints for formatting the data based on field name. This helps you avoid errors when loading your data. The following helpful information is displayed for each system field:

  • Field Name - This displays the field name within the system.
  • Required - This displays whether or not the field is required for each record. If this value is empty, this indicates that the field is optional. If it is required, this value displays additional information as to its requirements.
  • Data Type - This displays the type of data that should be provided for the field. In some instances only certain specific values are accepted. If this is the case, the acceptable values are listed in the Acceptable Values column. Also, if data for a field should be provided in a specific format, this format is listed in the Acceptable Values column.
  • Max Length - This displays the maximum number of characters that the data field accepts.
  • Acceptable Values - This displays important information regarding the field format. This may contain a specific list of acceptable values, a specific range of acceptable values, a list of acceptable formats for the data, or even point you to another resource for more detailed information.

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