Load Competency Bank Data - Step 1 - Get Started

When loading data, you can load a file of competency bank data. When you start the wizard, you can select which type of data you are loading. The maximum number of records that can be uploaded in a Competency Bank file is 10,000.

A competency bank is a repository for competencies. This bank enables administrators to manage competencies, which can be included in competency models. Using the Data Load Wizard, administrators can upload multiple types of competency information, including items, behaviors, training, feedback, development actions, etc.

When a file of competency data is loaded, a unique Ref ID must be specified for each row of data in the file. The Ref ID is the unique identifier for each competency and is defined by the administrator when loading the data. When updating existing competency data, the Ref ID of the existing data must be referenced. Ref IDs are not displayed within the system and must be tracked by the administrator.

To start the Data Load Wizard, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Data Load Wizard, and then click Load Data. The Data Load Wizard opens to the Get Started tab. Select the Performance option and click Next. When uploading competency bank data, you must first select the type of competency data you are loading. See Load Competency Bank Data - Step 2 - Select Type.