Standard Widget

Most available widgets have the same available settings: Widget Title and Items to Show. Other standard widgets only have a Widget Title setting.

In the first field, enter the widget title that is displayed at the top of the widget on the page. The character limit for this field is 100. Changes to the widget title only affect the page you are editing. All other pages within the portal are unaffected. For portals with multiple languages enabled, click the Translate icon to localize the widget title into other available languages. If no translation is provided for a language, the widget title is blank when viewed in that language.

If the "Items to show" drop-down is available, select the maximum number of items that are displayed in the widget. Up to ten items can be displayed. For example, if "3" is selected from the drop-down list, then the widget displays up to three of the user's items for that widget (e.g., training items, certifications, tasks). If the user has less than or equal to the maximum number of items, then the widget displays all of the user's training items. If the user has more than the maximum number, then only the maximum number is displayed and there is a link within the widget to view all of the items.

After selecting the appropriate settings, click the Save button to save the widget settings.

Sample Standard Widget