Skills Profile & Capabilities Library (Open Beta) - Overview

This functionality is available in Stage and Pilot portals with the October '20 Release. It is not available in Production portals.

With the Capabilities Library and Skills Profile:

  • Organizations have access to over 53,000 skills that they may be used in their portal.
  • Cornerstone's AI-powered Skills Graph automatically imports skills into the Capabilities Library. (Administrators have the ability to screen skills before they are published for employees to see.)
  • Cornerstone's AI-powered Skills Graph automatically associates relevant skills to each employee job title using data collected from over 250 million profiles worldwide, across all industries and organization sizes.
  • Employees can declare which skills they currently have, which skills they want to further develop, and which ones they would like to ignore. (Employees are given a jump start with automatically suggested skills they can declare and the ability to view full skill descriptions.)
  • Employees can also self-rate their proficiency, interest, and enjoyment for specific skills, and receive skill proficiency ratings from their peers.
  • Organizations can continue to use their internally defined skills and competencies in addition to the skills from Cornerstone's Skills Graph.
  • Organizations should experience a faster implementation time to get their capabilities library up and running.

Important: The Capabilities and Skills Profile functionality is currently in an Open Beta status. As a result, the functionality is evolving weekly, and this documentation may become out of date or incomplete. The next scheduled update of this documentation is scheduled for the February 2021 release. For feature updates and the most up-to-date documentation, please visit the Capabilities Beta community in the Cornerstone Success Center.

Starter Guide

Click here to download the Skills Profile and Capabilities Library Starter Guide.


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