Capabilities Preferences - Skill Details Sync

Within Capabilities Preferences, the Skill Details Sync section provides administrators more control over automatic synchronization and import of skills from the Cornerstone Skills Graph.

To access Skills Details Sync Preferences, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Capabilities > Preferences. Then, select the Skill Details Sync tab.

The Skill Details Sync section contains the following preferences:

  • Continuously Import Detected Skills from the Cornerstone Skills Graph - When this toggle is enabled, the portal's skills library will automatically add newly detected skills from the Cornerstone Skills Graph when new skills are detected in a user profile. For example, when this toggle is enabled and a user has "playing guitar" listed as an interest in their Universal Profile, skill detection will detect this interest and import a skill called "Guitar" into the organization's Capability Library so it can be suggested to that user in their Skills Profile. When this toggle is disabled, the system will not automatically detect and import any skills into the organization's Capability Library.
    •  It is recommended to disable this setting if leveraging a 3rd-party skills library that is synchronized with Edge Import or the Bulk API load unless you would like to supplement the external library with additional skills.
  • Synchronize Updated Skill Names and Descriptions - When this setting is enabled, skill names and descriptions in all supported languages are refreshed in the customer’s portal when they are updated in the Cornerstone Skills Graph. Any skill details that are manually updated after being imported will not be overwritten by the Cornerstone Skills Graph. Imported skills are only updated if all of the following are true:
    • The new preference is enabled
    • Skill names and descriptions have not been customized by an administrator
    • Translations have not been manually entered