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Performance Review Section Score Metrics

Performance review section scores can be added as a metric for performance reviews that are in a Queued, Not Started, In Progress, Complete, or Expired status. This includes both active and inactive performance reviews.

On the Search Fields and Metrics pop-up, performance review section scores display as <Performance Review Name> - <Section Name> (e.g., 2011 Annual Performance Review - Work Culture Ratings).

Only current sections included in a performance review task are included in the Search Fields and Metrics pop-up. That is, if a performance review task has been modified to remove a section or add a section, then only the current (at the time the pop-up is opened) sections are included in the task.


  • Only rated sections within performance reviews are available as a metric in compensation management, which includes Question List, Goal Rating, and Competency section types.
  • Calculations for performance review section scores are independent of the weighting of the section in an individual step of a performance review. Calculations take into account the weighting of individual steps within the performance review.
    • Performance Review Section Score = ( (<Section Score – Step 1> * <Step 1 Weighting>) + (<Section Score – Step 2> * <Step 2 Weighting>) + … + (<Section Score – Step n> * <Step n Weighting>) ) / (<Step 1 Weighting> + <Step 2 Weighting> + … + <Step n Weighting>)

    Note: Not all steps within a performance review contain a specific section. In such cases, the step is not included in the calculation.

  • When specific performance review section scores are used as metrics, the score calculation applies to completed tasks at the user level as currently implemented for overall performance review scores.
  • Users that do not have a Completed status for the associated performance review have an inapplicable performance review section score.
    • For eligibility criteria, the user is not considered eligible if a performance review section score is used and the user does not have a Completed status for the performance review. Eligibility is dynamically re-determined at the time the user receives the Completed performance review.
    • For adjustment guideline metrics, the user will not have an applicable score for the performance review section score if the user does not have a Completed status for the associated performance review.
  • If an off-cycle performance review task section score is used and there are multiple instances of the task associated to the user, then the last instance associated to the user is used. This will be the last completed task with the latest performance review period within the compensation period of the associated compensation task.
  • For performance review sections that do not have the Display Scores to End Users option selected, "No Rating" displays for the performance review section score.

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