Training Form Task - Create

To create a training form task, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Training Form Management > Manage Training Forms. Then, click the Create New Training Form Task link.

Name Task

  1. Type
    1. Single Task - choose to enter start and end date for task.
    2. Recurring Task - choose to make task recur
  2. Tags - Click the link to place tags within the Form Task to into the Name, Description, or Instructions fields. This is only available for recurring tasks.
    1. TAG.NAME can be added by copying and pasting, or by typing in manually. When the user fills out the form, the TAG NAME will be converted to system information. For example, if the CURRENT.MONTH.NAME is placed in the body of the Section, it will display the current month instead of the TAG NAME.
  3. Name - enter name for task
  4. Description - enter description for task
  5. Instructions - enter instructions for the user. If left blank the user will launch directly to the main body of the form and bypass the instructions page.
  6. Date:
    1. For Recurring tasks, the following options are available:
      1. Click the Schedule Recurrence link.
      2. Click the link and then enter the Recurrence Frequency for the number of Days/Weeks/Months that the Form Task will recur
      3. Set the Duration of Schedule. This controls the length of the recurring form task schedule. Selecting/Activating the No end date check-box overrides the End Date
      4. Task Due - Controls Due Date of each scheduled task. *Note - For a Recurring Task , Availability will be copied to new tasks. The new task will pick up and drop off new/old users from Availability dynamically.
    2. For single tasks, set the start and end date for the task.
  7. Allow task launch after expiration date - If this option is not selected/activated, a user will not be able to submit (complete) the form after the task end date has passed. If this option is selected/activated, the user will still be able to launch and submit the form from the Welcome Page after the task end date.
  8. Spell Check - use to check the spelling
  9. Click Next

Component Preferences

  1. Select Form Template - choose a Form Template from the drop-down menu
  2. Click Next


  1. Select Availability Selection Criteria
    1. Include Subordinates - check to include subordinates
    2. Randomly Assign To - select either an amount of users (place number count in text box) or a percentage amount of users that the Form Task will be randomly assigned. The number and percentage is based off of the Criteria.
    3. Require Final Approval From - once the Form Task has been completed, the User selected in this column must approve the completion before it is marked complete on the User Transcript.
  2. Click Next.


  1. Click Save - the assigned task will appear on a user's Welcome Page under the Your Tasks widget.