Certifications - Parent and Child Section Credits Workflow

This section explains how the credits from a child section are rolled up into the parent section.

  • Section 1 (Min = 4, Max = 10)
    • Section 1.1 (Min = 2, Max = 4)
      • Training 1 = 1
      • Training 2 = 2
      • Training 3 = 1
    • Section 1.2 (Min = 2, Max = 4)
      • Training 4 = 1
      • Training 5 = 2
      • Training 6 = 4

In this example, Section 1 has two sub-sections (1.1 and 1.2) and each sub-section has three learning objects.

The following is the traditional workflow:

If any root section reaches the minimum required credits, those credits propagate to the certification. For example, once the section minimum for the subsection called Section 1.1 is reached (two credits), those credits are counted toward the certification credits. If a user completes the minimum requirements for the Section 1.1 subsection, those credits are immediately counted toward the total credits earned toward the certification, given that the minimum is met for the parent section. This means that until a user also earns 2 credits for section 1.2, the credits earned in Section 1 will be 0. Credits earned for a section may only range between the minimum and maximum. In this example, credits earned for Section 1 can only range from 4 to 10 credits.

Note: This workflow applies when the "Users are required to complete the minimum credits for all child sections" option is NOT enabled.

The following is the workflow that is followed with the "Users are required to complete the minimum credits for all child sections" option is set in the Details section when creating a certification:

In order for the credits in Section 1.1 to roll up into Section 1 and be applied to the overall certification credit count, the minimum credit limit for all sub-sections must be reached (in this example, 1.1 and 1.2). For Section 1.1 this is set at 2 (e.g., Min = 2), so if a user completes Training 1, Training 2, and Training 3 in Section 1.1, the sub-section requirements are met, but the requirements for sub-section 1.2 are not yet met, so the credits do not roll up into Section 1. Once the section minimum for Section 1.1 and 1.2 is reached, those credits are rolled into Section 1 and they are also counted towards the section credit requirements for Section 1.