Attempts Review

On the Assessment Attempts page, administrators can review all the user attempts that have been made for an assessment.

To access the Assessment Attempts page, go to: Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management and click the Learning Assessments BETA link. On the Assessments Home page, find the assessment for which you want to view attempts and click the Options icon. Click the Review Attempts option.

Review Attempts

In the Attempts table, each attempt displays with the following information:

  • Learner Name - The name of the learner who attempted the assessment
  • Attempt Date - If the assessment is in progress, this field displays the date the attempt was started. If the attempt is completed (passed, failed, or not scored), the date the attempt was submitted displays.
  • Attempt Number - The number of the individual assessment attempt, compared with the total number of attempts the learner has submitted
  • Attempt Status - The current status of the learner's assessment attempt. Possible values include:
    • In Progress - The user is currently attempting the assessment
    • Failed - The user did not receive a passing score for the assessment
    • Passed - The user received a passing score for the assessment
    • Completed - Not Scored - This status displays if the assessment attempt is completed but the assessment was configured to not be scored.
  • Attempt Score - The score the user received for the assessment attempt. If the assessment is configured to not be scored, a dash displays in this field instead of a score.