Metadata Preservation for​ Content Subscriptions and Integrations

When a customer purchases a Content Subscription or Integration, the courses are automatically added to their portal via the Content Delivery System (CDS). These courses are added with rich metadata such as title, description, keywords, etc., pre-populated by the Content Provider and Cornerstone's curation team. Once these courses are delivered to the portal, the administrator can manually update some fields of course metadata.

However, when the Content Provider made metadata updates to their courses, those updates overwrote any metadata changes the customer made manually during subsequent synchronizations with the CDS.

To prevent manual metadata changes from being overwritten by changes provided by Content Providers, Cornerstone has introduced a backend setting that allows administrators to choose whether to allow overwrites or to preserve manual changes made to the course metadata when the updates to a course are available from the Course Provider. When the backend setting is enabled, administrators can confidently customize the Title, Description, and Keywords (and any localizations associated with those fields) without fear of their changes being overwritten when course updates are received.

To enable the backend setting, please contact Global Customer Support. The default setting enables course updates from your content subscriptions and integrations to flow into your CSX portal.


  • Title, Description, and Keywords are the only metadata fields preserved when the backend setting is enabled. All other metadata fields are overwritten even with the setting enabled
  • Subjects are never overwritten. Subjects from CDS course updates are appended to the existing Subjects in the portal.
  • The backend setting applies to both Online Courses and Online Content.
  • The LinkedIn Learning integration is not affected by this change. This integration uses an older delivery system, not CDS.