Course Catalog - General - Pre-Work

Pre-work is only available for online course, quick course, material, test, and video LOs. This section enables administrators to set pre-work. Pre-work should be completed prior to completing this LO. Note: Pre-work is also available for sessions via Manage Events & Sessions.

Design Note: An updated interface is available for this page, which can be enabled by administrators in Feature Activation Preferences. With the new design, the functionality of the page is unchanged.

To add pre-work to a training item, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management > Course Catalog. Search for the training item to which you want to add pre-work and click the Options drop-down next to the item. Select the Edit option. Pre-work is added on the General page of the Course Catalog.

Add Pre-Work

To add pre-work, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add Pre-Work link.
  2. Search for training by keyword by entering full or partial title or description in Keyword field and click Search.
  3. Click the Add icon to add training. Note: If you have permission to restrict the Select Training pop-up, the learning objects visible to you are dependent upon the availability set with this permission.
  4. Add free form training if applicable by entering title in Free Form Training field.
  5. Click Add. Then click Done.
  6. Repeat the above steps to add all the pre-work items necessary.
  7. Select Req. (required) for each training item that is required for the completion of the class. If the user completes the training item but not the required pre-work, the status will be Pending Pre-Work until the pre-work is completed. By default, the Req. checkbox is checked.

  8. Enter number for the training sequence in the Seq. free-text box for each LO to set a required sequence for the training.
    • If there is a required sequence, users will not be able to request training until the training which is before it in the sequence is completed first.
    • If no numbers are entered, students may take all the pre-work training in any order or all at once.
  9. Enter number for display position in the Display Position free-text box for each training item
    • The LO's will be displayed in this sequence on the Training Details page
  10. The training items will be displayed in this sequence on the Training Details page