Content Anytime - Remote Work Essentials Subscription

The current crisis has dramatically shifted the way people work and the skills required to appropriately cope and manage remote teams. This new subscription provides content to help your employees adjust to working from home and manage their overall well-being. Topics include remote work best practices, communication tools, mental health, productivity, and leadership during times of change. The Remote Work Essentials subscription includes 730 courses in English, French, German, and Spanish.

The Remote Work Essentials Subscription also includes:

  • Curriculum Blueprints - Curriculum Blueprints are available for the Professional Skills, Leadership & Management, and Remote Work Essentials subscriptions. Curriculum Blueprints are designed to help learning administrators create meaningful learning experiences with their CCA subscriptions, helping to increase engagement and improve performance across key skill areas. Each blueprint includes guidance on which courses to include and in which order, supplemented with blended learning materials that help employees put new skills into practice, to create the most effective and engaging learning experience. For more information and to download the blueprints, click here.