Benchmark - Overview

With the Benchmark platform, organizations can compare and visualize their performance across key HR metrics with other organizations based on their industry, region, and size, using up-to-date, accurate and consistent data across all of Cornerstone's clients, and across Cornerstone's extensive talent management product lines. Benchmark allows you to discover how well your organization is performing by comparing parts of the organization against itself, or comparing the entire organization against peer organizations. By aggregating workforce, diversity, learning, and recruiting metrics across Cornerstone client portals, you can conduct analysis to help identify gaps in your organization's processes and establish a baseline of information. These data-driven human capital and workforce decisions can help you plan more effectively and strategically for the future in order to achieve a competitive advantage.


The Benchmark module is available for purchase, and can be activated only in Production portals. Benchmark can be purchased independent of other product lines, though its value to an organization increases when an organization is using multiple other products, especially Learning and Recruiting. Please contact Global Customer Support for more information and to enable Benchmark.

Benchmark Dashboard

See Benchmark Dashboard.