What's New for November '23

Safe Harbor Statement: Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other documents or public statements are not currently GENERALLY available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase Cornerstone OnDemand applications should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available.

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The following new features and enhancements are available for the release:

Content Anytime Features

Feature Name Description
Content Anytime - Q4

Refreshes to Content Anytime and À La Carte subscriptions occur every month! New titles are added to libraries monthly, and removals occur quarterly. Content Anytime subscribers automatically receive their subscription refreshes.

Target dates for Q4 refreshes are listed below. Please refer to the 2023 Content Refresh Calendar for the timing of refreshes for all of 2023.

  • October 13 - October 20 Additions Only
  • December 8 - December 15 Removals & Additions

Content Studio

Feature Name Description
Content Studio

Content Studio August ‘23 Release Highlights:

  • Content Studio Discovery Only Experience for all CSX customers: the Discovery experience allows non-content customers to become familiar with the Cornerstone content offerings, such as Content Anytime and Partner subscriptions, before subscribing. Administrators can dive into each subscription, view rich metadata, launch the course, and use contextual search to find content that best fits their needs
  • Content Partner Subscriptions Experience: new Content Partner tab, that allows customers to access, discover, and purchase content from all Content Partner subscriptions

Core/General Features

Feature Name Automatically Enabled? Description
Accessibility Enhancements - November 2023 Yes With this enhancement, Cornerstone CSX is making accessibility fixes within an application to enhance user inclusivity, ensuring a wider audience can seamlessly interact with and benefit from the platform.
ADP Workforce Now Integrations - Display ADP Correlation ID Yes

With this enhancement, the ADP Correlation ID is displayed in the OU sync email notification and user sync log for the following integrations:

  • Cornerstone Learning Connector for ADP Workforce Now (ADP Marketplace U.S.)
  • Cornerstone Learning Connector for ADP Workforce Now (ADP Marketplace Canada)
  • Cornerstone Learning Connector for ADP Workforce Now Next Generation

This functionality will be released in a post-release patch.

Capability Category Improvements Yes With this enhancement, administrators have a faster, more effortless experience managing Capabilities with AI category detection, improved search, and additional import functionality. End users have a more apparent context of how skills are organized by seeing the tagged categories.
Cornerstone CSX App – Goals Enhancements Yes With this release, a new My Goals module is now part of the Cornerstone CSX mobile app. My Goals allows managers to create, edit, and update goals, tasks, and targets.
Cornerstone CSX App – Offline Support for Course Videos Yes With this release, learners can now download course videos while online, then access and consume content at their convenience while offline. When learners come back online, the information is automatically synced.
Critical Skills Experience Improvements Yes With this release, the Critical Skills section, located in the user Skills Profile, is enhanced with additional functionality to make it easier to capture ratings, make skills visible to a broader audience, and explain the goal of Critical Skills to the user.
Custom Login Page Enhancements Yes The Custom Login Page functionality is optimized and refined to provide an even more visually pleasing experience and improve performance when using the Custom Login Page tool and accessing login pages built using the tool.
Default Email Address Settings - Changes to Deletion Behavior Yes Due to an identified performance issue related to one of the July ’23 Release enhancements, the behavior of the Delete action is changed to avoid negative impacts to customers while we work on the performance optimization. With this change, administrators can now delete a default email address in the Corporate Preference page when the default email address is used in emails and templates. This does not impact the configuration of existing emails and templates that are using the deleted default email address.
Default Email Address Settings - Modification History Yes With this release, Default Email Address Settings now provide the ability to track changes via Modification history for auditing purposes or to aid in troubleshooting.
Edge Import - Edge Import Framework - Support Customer PGP Key Yes

By supporting a public key that customers specify when they import a file to the Edge Import feed, customers can use their corresponding private key to decrypt the PGP encrypted load report.

The load report can only be decrypted by the customer’s private key associated with that public key. Once decrypted, the user can then see records with errors so they can readily resolve them.

Edge Import - Group Membership Load - Remove Inactive Users from Static Groups Yes When loading a Group Membership file via Edge Import, the Remove action can now remove "User is" criteria from the Group Criteria of a static group when the referenced user is inactive. Before this enhancement, attempting to remove those criteria would have generated an error.
Edge Import - ILT Transcript Load - Enhanced Ability to Update Due Date Yes With this enhancement, administrators can better manage ILT due dates in bulk, which reduces customer work orders.
Edge Import - Include Capability Categories in Capabilities Library Load Yes Administrators can now specify up to three category IDs to tag skills when using the Capability Load in Edge Import. A pipe character ("|") must separate multiple categories. Categories must already exist in the system before associating them with a skill. The categories provided in the data load will overwrite any categories already associated with the skill in the system.
Edge Import - New Learning Load Type (Event Transcript Update) Yes With this enhancement, a new Event Transcript Update load is available. This load enables administrators to update or delete due dates from ILT Events transcripts and associated curricula, reducing the need for work orders.
Edge Import - New Learning Load Type (LO Catalog Update) Yes With this enhancement, a new LO Catalog Update load is available. This load enables administrators to update the creator of training in the Course Catalog. The Modification History will reflect when the Created By value is modified via Edge Import.
Edge Import - New Performance Load Types (Competency Loads) Yes With this release, a new Competency Bank load is available in Edge Import. This load type enables administrators to load Competency general information or associate Behaviors or Items to Competencies.
Edge Import - Online Course Assets Load Feed Yes With this enhancement, organizations can load new online course assets in the portal via a recurring feed in Edge Import.
Edge Import - Requisition Template Load Enhancement Yes With this enhancement, when using Requisition Template ID as the primary identifier, administrators can update any fields of a requisition template in Edge Import without providing an internal and external description each time even when they are not being updated. The Internal Description and External Description fields are optional when using Requisition Template ID as the primary identifier. This enhancement also applies to translation loads.
Edge Import - Transcript Loads - Make Permissions Constrainable Yes This enhancement makes the existing Edge Import transcript load permissions constrainable for an additional level of access control. The constraints apply to manual loads, manual feed runs, and bulk API loads.
Edge Import Online Content (OLCO) Integration Solution No

A new 1:1 Content Integration solution is now available for content vendors who prefer file-based content integrations over an API-based content integration. This integration solution also allows syncing content from a content provider and Online Content (OLCO) transcripts. The Online Content (OLCO) load, which is new with this integration, supports creating and updating content from approved domains. Both manual and automated scheduled feeds are supported. Once the integration solution is purchased, the new Online Content (OLCO) load is available.

This functionality is not available during UAT.

Google OAuth Inbound SSO No The Google OAuth Inbound SSO (Single Sign-on) connection is available to customers for a seamless user login experience to their Cornerstone CSX portal. This self-configurable connection is available in the user interface under the Single Sign-On menu in Edge.
Group Preview (Early Adopter) No The Group Preview enhancements allow administrators to preview the Group membership based on the edited criteria so mistakes can be detected and fixed before saving the Group. Administrators can also save changes as a draft so edits can be made asynchronously while the current Group is retained.
Modernize Cornerstone CSX App Yes With this release, the Cornerstone CSX mobile app has a new simplified design to provide a premium and intuitive experience for users.
Multi Factor Authentication (Open Beta) No Cornerstone is excited to introduce support for time-based, one-time passwords (TOTP), the most widely adopted two-step verification method, which is considered a secure multi-factor authentication (MFA) method.
November '23 Language Pack Updates Yes New updates to Cornerstone Language Packs and additional languages are available with the November '23 Release. Please visit the November '23 Language Pack Updates posting to review the full list of changes and their targeted availability in stage and production environments.
People Matrix Qualification Mode - General Availability Yes Qualification Mode extends the ability of the People Matrix to work with Capability Models and enables managers to track training, in addition to skills, from within the People Matrix.
Reporting 2.0 - Auto-Disable Daily Schedules for Unused Reports Yes With the November ’23 Release, the system tracks the last accessed date for each scheduled snapshot of all owners and shared users associated with the report. If a scheduled report snapshot has not been accessed within the last 30 calendar days by any of the associated users, the system will automatically disable the schedule associated with it. This enhancement improves system performance and optimizes resource usage.
Reporting 2.0 - Permissions Enablement Tool UI Update Yes With the November ’23 Release, all references of the Custom Reports permission model are removed from the welcome page of the Permissions Enablement tool. The Permissions Enablement Tool UI no longer displays options to migrate from Custom Report permissions and constraints, and the tool description is updated.
Reporting 2.0 - Shared Reports Filter Behavior Yes With this enhancement, the shared user only has visibility into data that strictly aligns with the filters applied by the report owner. This applies to reports that are created after the release. Existing reports will continue to behave as-is.
Reporting 2.0 - User and Training Flyouts Start with Empty Search Yes With this enhancement, when initially opened, the user and training flyouts no longer display full data lists to improve page load times. Instead, the flyouts load without prepopulated results to provide a clean interface that dynamically updates and displays only the selected information. Users are required to input search parameters to initiate the search process. When a user has selected or saved information for the flyout, the selected information is displayed when accessing it again.
Reporting 2.0 New Fields - November 2023 Yes

The following additions and updates have been made to Reporting 2.0 fields with this release:

  • Reporting Fields - Learning
  • Reporting Fields - Performance
  • Reporting Fields - Position Management
RTDW Updates to OData v4.0 Delta Objects Yes, when using OData Impacting only customers using Data Exporter API, new objects will be added that support the OData v4.0 Delta/Change Tracking capabilities for Data Exporter API. A consolidated list of Data Exporter API objects that currently support OData Delta/Change Tracking is maintained in the RTDW Documentation for Reporting API, RDW, and Data Exporter Community. Join and follow the community to be notified of new objects with Delta support.
RTDW Updates to Reporting API, RDW, Data Exporter and Data Exporter API Yes Impacting only customers using Reporting API, Replicated Data Warehouse (RDW), Data Exporter API, and Data Exporter, the Real-Time Data Warehouse (RTDW) categories may be impacted, deprecated, or break applications, scripts, or functionalities that are based on earlier versions of RTDW objects.
Skills Quick Start Wizard Yes The Skills Quick Start Wizard makes it easy for administrators to start with Skills in Cornerstone CSX. With this release, the Skills Quick Start Wizard is improved to provide a better administrator onboarding experience by facilitating step-by-step navigation and focusing on the most critical and often confusing configuration tasks. The Skills Library Builder UI has also received an updated look.
SOAP API Deprecation in 2023 Q4 N/A All Cornerstone SOAP APIs, except Transcript APIs (/webservices/LMS/LOWS.asmx), will be deprecated in Q4 of 2023 on December 1. This will impact only a subset of API customers.
Tracking Your Critical Skills Progress Yes This feature offers a robust tracking system for the proficiency of an employee’s critical skills over time, which helps employees in their professional journey, facilitates manager evaluation and coaching, and links employees to opportunities within the organization.
UltiPro and Kronos Integrations - Update to UKG Branding Yes

Cornerstone partners Ultimate Software and Kronos Inc. have merged and are now called Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG). The integration titles are updated in Edge Marketplace, Edge Integrations, Edge Settings, and the sync email notifications to align with UKG's new branding and product names.

This functionality will be released in a post-release patch.

Unlinking Skills Graph Skills Yes When editing skills that were imported from the Skills Graph taxonomy, administrators now have the option to unlink the Capability from the underlying Skills Graph engine. This helps prevent overlapping Skills Graph IDs between Cornerstone-provided and custom skills.
Webhooks (Early Adopter) Enhancements Yes, when using Webhooks In this release, content encoding is implemented to improve throughput for all subscriptions to event-driven notifications through Webhooks, providing more timely execution of the business process. Edge Import LMS Events are added to ensure all Learning Assignment and Completion events are published through the Webhook.

Cornerstone HR Features

Feature Name Automatically Enabled? Description
CHR - Extend Compensation Task End Dates Yes With this release, if Effective Dating is enabled, administrators can manually extend Task End dates for In-Progress, Completed, and Expired tasks. Administrators can also extend the compensation statement availability date.
Form Enhancements Yes

With this release, two new Forms enhancements are available:

  • Character limit increase for Approver Comments
  • User ID field now available for use with Form Configuration
Position Management (Early Adopter) – Introduction & Functional Overview N/A Position Management helps organizations organize their workforce more efficiently by defining Positions as unique roles within the organization, categorizing them by Jobs and job-related functions, and structuring them by Organizational Units (OUs).
Position Management (Early Adopter) – Impact on CSX N/A

Once Position Management (PM) is activated, its functionality impacts the following areas in CSX:

  • User Record
  • Organizational Units
  • My Account Preferences
  • Form Management
  • Batch Edit Users
  • Self-Registration
  • Custom Field Administration
Position Management (Early Adopter) – Enable and Implement N/A The transition from a user-centric data model to the position-centric data model will be fully supported by CSX engineering teams.
Position Management (Early Adopter) - Security N/A Position Management provides a easy-to-undrstand security model as well as new permissions that allow authorized users to manage critical details for Positions, Jobs, Functions, and standard Organizational Units (OUs).
Position Management (Early Adopter) - Reporting N/A

Reporting in Position Management provides the necessary data and insights to optimize workforce planning, compliance, resource allocation, and decision-making by:

  • Enabling organizations and administrators to report on Position and Job-related data to export relevant information for your positions and jobs.​
  • Including the assigned Position(s) and Job(s) into User reports.​
  • Supporting the ability for users to differentiate between current, planned, & past Positions and Job assignments.​
  • Providing permissions and constraints capabilities.
Position Management (Early Adopter) - Edge Import N/A

Once Position Management (PM) is activated, its environment becomes the master data system for Position data, related Standard OU,s and Employee assignments.​

New data loads will be available via Edge Import to support bulk data maintenance for all relevant PM entities.

Learning Features

Feature Name Automatically Enabled? Description
Ability to Revert ILT Sessions inside Curricula (Early Adopter)


Enabled in Stage. Needs Self Activation in Pilot and Producttion.

Administrators can revert ILT session completions where the ILT is part of one or more curricula.
Admin Compliance Dashboard - Material and Online Course Yes

The Admin Compliance Dashboard gives a quick overview of the versioning process. It enables administrators to review the number of compliant and non-compliant learners and the number of learners who received the correct training version.

Auto-Completion of Videos - Enhancements​ (Early Adopter)​


Enabled in Stage. Needs Self Activation in Pilot and Production.


allows videos to auto-complete without any user involvement after the user has watched the entire video. The enhancement supports auto-completion for standalone videos and videos within curricula.

Certification Administration Enhancements Yes

The administrators can inactivate the top-level version and all lesser versions simultaneously instead of manually inactivating multiple versions of a certification one by one.

Course Catalog Search - Keyword Filter with Enhanced Search Yes

It is now possible to filter by keyword when Enhanced Search is enabled on the course catalog search page. The Keyword filter uses “partial match” and “starts with” when returning search results. The filter can be enabled and disabled in the Search Preferences.

Create Tool Enhancements


Available only in Production. Not available in Stage.

New Create Tool enhancements to add collaborators and auto transcript videos.
Curriculum Subscription Enhancements


Enabled in organizations using recurring curriculum subscriptions on their portals.

The learners can auto-renew curriculum subscriptions without manual intervention, even if the payment account criteria are configured.
Curriculum Versioning Enhancement​ Yes The administrators cannot save the structural edits made in an unassigned Curriculum version and create a new version.
Deep Links Enhancements Yes The administrator is prompted with a confirmation message before deleting Base URLs to prevent accidental deletion. The enhancement also enables the activation or deactivation of system or user-defined Page URLs instead of deleting them.
Deprecation of Course Builder, Module Builder, and Asset Importer with the November ‘23 Release N/A Course Builder, Module Builder, and Asset Importer is being deprecated with the November '23 Release.
Deprecation of (Legacy) Course Publisher with the July '24 Release N/A Course Publisher deprecation announcement with the November '23 Release.
Deprecation of Learning on Workplace by Facebook​ Integration​ N/A The Learning on Workplace by Facebook integration is being deprecated in the November ‘23 release.
General Due Date Enhancements Yes This enhancement provides consistent due date calculations across different use cases so that the learners do not miss the due date for the training and remain compliant.
Hide Legacy Skills Tab on Edit Training Page UI with the November '23 Release N/A The legacy Skills tab will be default hidden from the Edit Training page UI in the Course Catalog with this November 2023 release.
Learning Assignment Tool – Relative Recurrence Enhancement (General Availability) Yes If dynamically recurring Learning Assignments have the recurrence date set as “Relative” or “Annually,” the Learning Assignment Tool (LAT) assigns the training to users who have surpassed the recurrence date criteria of dynamic assignments but still satisfy the training assignment criteria.
Learning Assignment Tool - Search Training Modal - Enhanced Search​


May need 10 business days to be present after their respective release dates in Stage and Production.

The Search Training Modal within the Create Assignment Workflow allows administrators to use the Enhanced Search as a default setting.
Learning Search - Filter Configuration - General Availability N/A The administrators can enable or disable filters for the Learning Search page not used within a portal or a division.
Metadata Preservation for​ Content Subscriptions and Integrations​


Content is now updated with the latest course metadata from Content Providers, including the 'Title', 'Description', and 'Keywords' fields. To preserve manual edits to these fields, contact Global Customer Support.
SF-182 Enhancements for Approvals and Completions Yes

When editing an approved SF-182 form, the approvers can allow a learner to edit the approved form. The learners allowed to edit can re-submit the form while maintaining the existing approvals.

Stop Auto-Populating Search Results in Administrative Search (Early Adopter)​


Enabled in Stage. Activation is required in Production.

The administrators can control the initial load of results on a page, reducing the time a page takes to load with all the results.
Stripe Payment Gateway - Tax Yes Customers using the Stripe payment gateway can automatically collect tax from their end users during the transaction.
Transcript API (Early Adopter) Yes The Transcript API is a bundle of APIs providing access to the learner's transcript. The APIs follow the same business logic, security, rules, and events from the portal’s configuration.
Upgrade Excel Format of Exports in ILT Yes Excel download options available in ILT have been upgraded with the XLSX extension to make downloads easier and safer to use for administrators and instructors.
User Interface Modifications for Learning Administration Pages (Early Adopter)


Enabled in Stage. Needs activation in Production.

User Interface modifications in Learning Administration pages.
Versioning Dashboard Page - Enhancements​​ Yes The administrators get more options to utilize the Versioning Dashboard Page effectively due to new functionalities.

Performance Features

Feature Name Automatically Enabled? Description
Check-Ins Microsoft Teams Integration Yes With this release, Check-Ins is integrated with MS Teams. Now, users can receive Check-In meetings and Follow-Ups notifications on the MS Teams chat page and click a link to take action, even if not actively logged into Check-Ins.
Check-Ins Outlook Calendar Invite Yes With this enhancement, a user's Outlook calendar is integrated with Check-Ins meetings. Users can create a Check-Ins meeting(s) and send an invite to the Outlook calendar of both participants.
Check-Ins Slack Integration Yes With this release, Check-Ins is integrated with Slack. Now, users can receive Check-In meetings and Follow-Ups notifications on Slack and click a link to take action, even if not actively logged into Check-Ins.
Check-Ins Usability Enhancements Yes With this enhancement, the hyperlink functionality is simplified and redundant buttons removed to improve the Check-Ins user experience.
Check-Ins View Permission Yes

With this enhancement, a new option, Check-Ins View Permissionallows users to share Check-Ins with other colleagues. Managers and coaches now have more visibility to provide feedback and meeting participants can share their Check-Ins series with managers or coaches to ensure visibility.

Delegation of Goal Permissions Yes

With this enhancement, managers can assign the following goal permissions to select subordinates when they are away from the office for an extended period of time:

  • View Goals
  • Employee Goals - Create
Enforce Goal Policies Yes With this enhancement, administrators can configure, and the system enforces, a minimum and maximum number of required goals for a Division, and a total weight limit for goals.
Goal Co-Planners Yes

With this enhancement, administrators can grant goal creation and approval permissions to someone other than the manager. These additional co-planners can create, view, and approve goals by being granted the following permissions:

  • Employee Goals - Approve
  • Employee Goals - Create
  • MyTeam Goals
Review Task Central - Bulk Sign Off Yes, once Review Task Central is enabled. With this enhancement, in Review Task Central, signers can select several review tasks and sign off on them at the same time, in the same location. This bulk sign off saves time and effort.
Review Task Central Bulk Submit – Display Ratings as Text Yes, once Review Task Central is enabled. With this enhancement, the Overall Step Rating column displays the rating scale as Numeric, Text, or Both based on the scale setting set in Task Administration.
Review Task Central – PDF Redesign Yes, once Review Task Central is enabled. With this release, in Review Task Central, the improved Performance Review .pdf document will provide a more user-friendly, intuitive, and reliable user interface to for administrators, managers, and end-users.
View a Goal's Dynamic Assignment Criteria Yes With this enhancement, administrators can view the dynamic assignment while viewing the details of the Dynamic Assignment Template.

Recruiting Features

Feature Name Automatically Enabled? Description
Candidate Skills Match (Early Adopter) No With this release, on the Manage Candidates page, a new "Candidate Matching Score" field is provided. The candidate skills match score is calculated by matching a candidate's profile against the requisition's job description.
Deprecation of Data Load Wizard (DLW) Requisition Template Load with the November '24 Release N/A

The ability to perform Requisition Template data loads using DLW will be deprecated with the November ’24 Release. Support for DLW Requisition Template loads will also stop. Customers are encouraged to begin using Edge Import for their Requisition Template loads prior to the deprecation.

Manage Applicants Deprecation with the March '24 Release N/A With the Manage Applicants deprecation, Manage Candidates becomes the single source to assess and manage all candidates.
Offer Letter Enhancements Yes

With this release, for the modular offer letter functionality, the following enhancements are provided to improve and simplify this process:

  • New sub-status and action buttons on the Manage Candidates page
  • Sub-status details visible in multiple locations
  • No default Start Date for offer letters
  • New editor for offer letter templates
Paradox Interview Scheduling Integration No With this release, Cornerstone integrates with Paradox to allow recruiters and candidates to schedule interviews using the calendar and virtual meeting tools of their choice.
PitchYou Integration No With this release, Cornerstone integrates with PitchYou to allow candidates a seamless job application experience using WhatsApp.
Pre-screening Questions as Filters on Manage Candidates Yes With this enhancement, on the Manage Candidates page, recruiters can create pre-screening questions and filter candidates based on the answers to these questions.
Send Email from Manage Candidates and Templates Enhancements Yes

With this release, the overall Manage Candidates email and templates customer experience is enhanced as follows:

  • For candidate email templates, administrators can now configure cc: addresses and add attachments to the template.
  • When sending email to candidates, recruiters can now configure cc: addresses or select them from Candidate Email Template. Additionally, Recruiters can now receive attachments from candidates.
Structured Resume Details API No With this release, the new Structured Resume Details API endpoint queries on the application ID and provides structured resume data as a response. Customers can use this endpoint to fetch the parsed resume data and process it per their requirements.
TimeKO Integration No With this release, Cornerstone integrates with TimeKO to provide customers an efficient ad hoc messaging and communication solution.