What's New for July '23

Safe Harbor Statement: Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other documents or public statements are not currently GENERALLY available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase Cornerstone OnDemand applications should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available.

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The following new features and enhancements are available for the release:

Content Anytime Features

Feature Name Description
Content Anytime - Q3

Refreshes to Content Anytime and À La Carte subscriptions occur every month! New titles are added to libraries monthly, and removals occur quarterly. Content Anytime subscribers automatically receive their subscription refreshes.

Target dates for Q3 refreshes are listed below. Please refer to the 2023 Content Refresh Calendar for the timing of refreshes for all of 2023.

  • July 14 - July 21: Additions Only
  • August 18 - August 25: Additions Only
  • September 15 - September 22: Additions and Removals

New Content Anytime Subscriptions:

  • CCA Sustainability
  • CCA Public Sector (Technology)

Content Studio

Feature Name Description
Content Studio

Content Studio is Cornerstone's platform for content discovery, curation, and insights.

Visit the Content Studio playlist to get to know Content Studio and discover how it helps in curating highly effective and engaging content.

Visit and follow the Content Studio Updates topic and playlist in the Success Center for the most up to date resources about Content Studio’s newly released features and enhancements.

Core/General Features

Feature Name Automatically Enabled? Description
Accessibility Enhancements Yes

Accessibility enhancements included with the July ‘23 Release:

  • Learning Accessibility Enhancements
ADP Workforce Now Integration Enhancements Yes

ADP Single Sign-on and Workforce Now Core Data Inbound Integrations are being renamed.

As a result of this change, the corresponding email notifications, validation messages, and starter guides are updated to reflect the changes.

BambooHR User & OU Inbound Integration Available in Edge Marketplace

The integration between Cornerstone CSX and BambooHR provides a seamless process of creating and updating users and organizational units in CSX. This is achieved through an automated data sync which simplifies data management and eliminates redundant work. BambooHR will remain the system of record for user and OU data.

This functionality will be released in a post-release patch.

Capability Categories Yes With this release, organizations can categorize their capabilities using a new Manage Categories page. Organizations can manage a hierarchy of categories, up to five levels deep. A skill can be tagged with up to three categories. Organizations can automatically import categories from the Skills Graph and tag existing Skills Graph skills with a relevant category. Organizations can also create custom categories to meet their organization's specific filtering needs, such as relevant business unit, domain area, relevant geography, etc.
Create & Edit Goals from Cornerstone CSX App Yes, when using the latest version of the app

With this enhancement, users can now use the Cornerstone CSX app on their mobile devices to perform the following Goal tasks:

  • Create and edit goals
  • Update goal progress
  • Add and edit tasks and targets to goals
  • Update success descriptors
  • Add and edit goal comments
Default Email Address Settings - Deactivation Option Yes With this release, administrators now have the option to deactivate a default email address. When a default email address is inactive, it cannot be used for newly created emails, but they can remain associated with existing emails and templates. In addition, default email addresses can no longer be deleted unless they are not used in any email template.
Edge Import Framework - Cancel Loads Yes With this release, administrators now have the ability to cancel a load from the Load Details page.
Edge Import Learning Load Enhancements Yes Edge Import was originally designed to support historical data load use cases. This enhancement provides support for day-to-day bulk data management use cases.
Edge Import Requisition Template Load - Feeds No, contact Global Customer Support With this release, data feeds are now available for the Edge Import Requisition Template load. Data feeds allow recruiters to make changes to requisition templates in bulk automatically on an ongoing basis. Recruiters can simply update the templates in a shared location, and the data feed can update the templates in the system, and recruiters do not have to run the data load each time for any changes.
EVO PDF Upgrade Yes With this release, CSX has upgraded to EVO PDF version 9.x.
Group Guardrails Yes The Group Guardrails enhancement features are designed to make it easier for administrators to edit Group Criteria and avoid costly errors.
Language Pack Updates Yes Cornerstone has increased the cadence of CSX Language Pack updates from each release to monthly. Customers can find a list of Language Pack updates posted each month in the Language Pack Updates community in the Success Center.
New Standard Report - Dashboards Details Report Yes With this release, a new Dashboards Details standard report is available for administrators to report on metadata related to the dashboards in the portal.
People Matrix - Usability Enhancements Yes The People Matrix interface is enhanced to consolidate and optimize space and to make it easier to view data in the matrix.
Permissions Constraints Details Yes With this release, administrators have access to a new Permissions Constraints Details page to review a user’s current security profile (roles, permissions, constraints) along with a historical audit of permissions, including when roles, permissions, and constraints were added and removed. These new tools aid administrators in ensuring that a user has appropriate access to the system.
Re-naming Cornerstone Learn App in July 2023 Yes, when using the latest version of the app A unified talent experience for desk and deskless workers is a requirement for many customers looking to manage continuous learning and performance, in the moment. Nearly half of Cornerstone Learning users are also using Cornerstone Performance and would benefit from being able to access goals and other Performance capabilities while in the mobile app. Cornerstone will rename the existing “Learn” App to simply “Cornerstone CSX” App in July 2023. Users of the app will be able to access select Cornerstone Performance features beginning with Goals in the March 2023 release. Additional features will be introduced in 2023 and beyond.
Reporting 2.0 - Calculated Field Enhancement Yes With this release, global calculated fields now have visibility restrictions for when the formula references an unpublished (non-global) calculated field. This restriction ensures that when a report is copied by a shared user, the global calculated field remains as a private calculated field when non-global calculated fields are referenced in the formula.
Reporting 2.0 - Display Total Number of "Selected" Units in Shared Flyout Yes With this release, when a report owner shares a report by sharing the folder containing a report, the Shared flyout now accurately reflects the number of selected organizational units and users with whom the report is shared, including direct report sharing and folder sharing.
Reporting 2.0 - Report Output Header Update Yes With this release, in the header section of the report output, "Generated By" is renamed to "Report Created By." This field populates the report owner's name. This update also includes report headers for reports delivered via email.
Reporting 2.0 - Reporting Fields List UI Improvement Yes With this release, if a field is available in Reporting 2.0 but no underlying data tables have been created for the data, the fields appear gray and disabled, identifying that the functionality that corresponds with the field is available in the portal, but no data has been created. Once the newly enabled functionality is used and underlying data tables are created, the fields automatically become selectable in Reporting 2.0.
Reporting 2.0 Delivery Log Standard Report - New Status Values Yes With this release, the Reporting 2.0 Delivery Log standard report now includes all Reporting 2.0 delivery statuses.
Reporting 2.0 New Fields - July 2023 Yes

The following additions and updates have been made to Reporting 2.0 fields with this release:

  • Reporting Fields - Capabilities
  • Reporting Fields - Learning
Reporting Fields - Capability Models Yes With this enhancement, new Capability Models fields are added to Reporting 2.0.
RTDW Updates to OData v4.0 Delta Objects Yes Impacting only customers using Data Exporter API, new objects will be added that support the OData v4.0 Delta/Change Tracking capabilities for Data Exporter API, initially released in August '22. A consolidated list of Data Exporter API objects that currently support OData Delta/Change Tracking is maintained in the RTDW Documentation for Reporting API, RDW, and Data Exporter Community. Join and follow the community to be notified of new objects with Delta support.
RTDW Updates to Reporting API, RDW, Data Exporter and Data Exporter API Yes Impacting only customers using Reporting API, Replicated Data Warehouse (RDW), Data Exporter API, and Data Exporter, the Real-Time Data Warehouse (RTDW) categories may be impacted, deprecated, or break applications, scripts, or functionalities that are based on earlier versions of RTDW objects.
Skills - Top Rated Individuals Yes With this release, when viewing the Skill Details flyout for a skill, the flyout now displays the top rated individuals within the organization for the skill.
SOAP API Deprecation in 2023 Q4 Yes All Cornerstone SOAP APIs, except Transcript APIs (/webservices/LMS/LOWS.asmx), will be deprecated in Q4 of 2023. This will impact only a subset of API customers.
Standard Report - View All Security Roles Enhancement Yes With this release, users are now able to run the Security Role - User Permissions Report and Security Role - Audit Report without having the Security Administration - Manage permission. Users must still have the respective report permission to run these reports.
Support “Currency” in Individual Target Compensation Edge Import Template Yes With this release, the Individual Target Edge Import now includes a Currency field. With this field, customers can associate each individual employee with their geographical currency to receive Individual target types like bonus or equity. Multiple employees with different currencies can be added in a single template to load Individual target types.
Webhooks (Early Adopter) No Webhooks is a new HTTP-enabled feature that enables customers to create a deeper integration into the Cornerstone ecosystem by enabling near real-time access to critical business event data.

Cornerstone HR Features

Feature Name Automatically Enabled? Description
Forms Question Bank Field Title – Character Limit Increase Yes With this enhancement, the character limit for the Question field is now 500. Now, this field can contain very long questions, questions that may need an explanatory description, and appropriate translation.
e-days Absence Management Integration Enhancement Yes

With this enhancement, a new toggle, Skip Auto Setup Authorizers, is provided to allow users to bypass the step that automatically sets the employee's manager as their default authorizer.

This feature is not available during UAT and will be available in a future patch release.

Learning Features

Feature Name Automatically Enabled? Description
Accessibility Enhancements - July 2023 Yes With this release, Cornerstone is delivering accessibility enhancements that improve the user's ability to access and use the platform.
Admin Compliance Dashboard – Curriculum Yes With this enhancement, the Admin Compliance Dashboard gives a quick overview of the versioning process and enables administrators to review the number of compliant and non-compliant learners and the number of learners who received the right version of the training.
Assignment Logic Fix for Versioning with Multiple Dynamic Assignments Yes

There are scenarios where a user matches the criteria for two dynamic learning assignments that are created one after the other for the same training. In this example scenario, the second assignment does not assign the training because Assign New Occurrence is off. Later, the first dynamic assignment becomes inactive.

When the training in this scenario is versioned using the dynamic assignment option, the user is now calculated in the Impacted User list and the new version is assigned to the user. Previously, the user was not calculated in the Impacted User list and was not assigned the new version.

Auto-Completion of Videos (Early Adopter)

Yes, in Stage.

Self-activation for Production.

This enhancement allows videos to auto-complete without any user involvement after the user has watched the full video. The enhancement supports auto-completion for standalone videos and videos within curricula. When enabled, the auto-completion logic applies to all existing and new videos.
Catalog Search API Enhancements Yes With this enhancement, learning objects of training type "Online Content," "Playlist," and "External Content” are now included in the response. This enables organizations to better support integrations with content providers.
Certification Bulk Approval Yes The Bulk Approval feature allows for the selection of multiple pending requests so that administrators, certification owners, and approvers can approve certification user approval requests in bulk.
Certification Bypass Approval for Expired Completion Requests Yes The administrators and certification owners can disable the requirement for an approval request for the completion of an expired certification. If disabled, the expired certifications do not require completion approvals if the user completes all certification renewal requirements, thus bypassing the approval workflow.
Certification Enrollment and Removal History Enhancements Yes

The following new functionalities and user interface are added to the Proxy Enrollment for Certification page:

  • Dynamic Re-enrollment and Dynamic Removal Toggles
  • Include Subordinate
  • Proxy Enrollment page with new Certification UI
  • Export Removal History
Configuration Added to Content Skills Tagging Enablement Page Yes With this enhancement, the Content Skills Tagging page now includes a configuration setting that enables administrators to choose whether skills detected from machine learning are automatically tagged to a Learning Object (LO) or only marked as ‘Suggested’.
Create Tool Enhancements - Embed Videos

Not available in Stage.

Automatically available in Production upon release.

With this enhancement, embed externally hosted videos from the web to quickly create engaging content by leveraging already existing materials.
Create Tool Enhancements - Personalized Branding

Not available in Stage.

Automatically available in Production upon release.

With this enhancement, administrators can change default logos and set primary colors at the portal level to apply to all content. Making changes here automatically applies the logo change to all courses, new and previously published.
Create Tool Enhancements - Quizzes

Not available in Stage.

Automatically available in Production upon release.

With this enhancement, users can create interactive quizzing options to allow for more learner engagement throughout the course and knowledge checks which contribute to more effective and efficient learning outcomes.
Curriculum Player 2.0 - Milestone 3 (Open Beta)

Available for self-activation in Stage.

Not available in Production.

Curriculum Player 2.0 provides users with a straightforward path to complete their curriculum. The Curriculum Player 2.0 is fine-tuned to provide a modern UI while addressing complex workflows.
Custom Email Localization Yes the administrators can localize custom emails without having to set up and maintain custom email templates for every language active in a portal. The system leverages the default language logic and enables a single custom email template for multiple languages. It also allows administrators to change the default language for a custom email.
Deprecation of Course Builder, Module Builder, Asset Importer with the November '23 Release N/A Cornerstone has decided to deprecate these products with the November ’23 Release. When this occurs, customers will no longer have access to Course Builder, Module Builder, or Asset Importer.
Global Search (Training) - Enhanced Search Default Preference


Upon release, it may take up to 7 days for the update to be present in Stage and Production portals.

With this enhancement, the default preference for Global Search (Training) is set to Enhanced Search rather than Traditional Search across all portals. Apart from using the Enhanced Search by default, the administrators can change the search engine preference to Traditional Search.

This functionality was released in Stage environments June 29. It may take up to seven days from June 29 for this change to take effect.

Hide Legacy Skills Tab on Edit Training Page UI with the November '23 Release N/A With this November 2023 release, the Legacy Skills tab will be hidden from the Edit Training section in Course Catalog by default. Administrators can still change this setting to retain the Skills tab on the UI. When the deprecation occurs with the November 2023 release, the legacy “Skills” tab will be hidden from the UI by default.
Learning Administration New UIs Auto Enabled and Legacy UIs Deprecated with the Q3 2024 Release N/A The new user interface (UI) learning administration pages will be automatically enabled in production, stage, and pilot portals with the Q3 2024 Release and the legacy user interface pages will no longer be available.
Learning Assignment API - OU Support Yes With this enhancement, a new "orgUnits" parameter is available for the Learning Assignment API. This enables organizations to assign training to specific organizational units (OUs).
Learning Assignment API - Remaining Count Yes With this enhancement, a new Get Remaining Count API returns the count of remaining user assignments per day for the date provided. This helps manage throttling limits.
Learning Assignment Tool - Relative Recurrence Enhancement (Early Adopter)

Yes, in Stage.

Self-activation for Production.

With this enhancement, if dynamically recurring Learning Assignments have the recurrence date set as “Relative” or “Annually”, the Learning Assignment Tool (LAT) assigns the training to users who have surpassed the recurrence date criteria of dynamic assignments but still satisfy the training assignment criteria. The enhancement also enables Learning Assignments to search for all users who have missed the recurrence date of trainings in the past.
Learning Search - Filter Configuration (Early Adopter) Yes With this enhancement, administrators can enable the filters which are used in their portals or divisions and disable those filters which are rarely used.
Learning Search – Skills (Capabilities) Filter (Early Adopter) No, must be enabled in Learning Search Preferences With this enhancement, the customers who have enabled content tagging or manually updated trainings with Skills (Capabilities) can filter Learning Search results with those skills. The Skills (Capabilities) filter allows learners to find trainings for the Skills (Capabilities) upon which they want to improve.
Reporting Fields - Learning Yes With this enhancement, new Learning fields are added to Reporting 2.0.
Stripe Payment Processor - Refunds Yes, for organizations using the integration With this enhancement, administrators can now initiate refunds directly using the CSX Extended Enterprise module for payment transactions that were executed via the Stripe Payment gateway. This process does not require manual login to the Stripe account by the administrator. Refunds can be initiated by the user from the CSX user’s Transcript page itself if allowed by the Learning Object (LO) settings. For more information, refer to Stripe – Payment Gateway.
Transcript API (Open Beta) Only available in Stage

With this release, the Transcript API supports the following features:

  • Data APIs (GET): Overview API; Detailed APIs; filters, multi-language support
  • Request API: Request training; Employee perspective
  • Assign API: Assign training; Manager and Learning Administrator perspective
  • Remove API: Remove training; bi-directional
User Interface Modifications for Learning Administration Pages (Early Adopter)

Yes, in Stage.

Self-activation for Production.

Automatically enabled for organizations that previously self-activated.

With this enhancement, the following previously delivered user interfaces (UI) are upgraded:

  • ILT Events and Session Administration
  • ILT Roster
  • Materials Administration
  • Course Catalog Administration
  • Curricula Administration
  • Deep Link Administration
  • Training Request Approval

The enhancement also introduces new pages for the following system areas:

  • Certification Administration
  • Test Engine Administration
Versioning Redesign Enhancements - General Availability Yes, in phases. This enhancement provides new Curriculum versioning workflows for consistent and reliable behavior whenever a Curriculum Child Learning Object (LO) is versioned or whenever a Curriculum structure is modified simultaneously, so that the right users get the right training at the right time while maintaining compliance with respect to tracking training completions.
Webex Meeting Center vILT Integration Upgrade

Available in Edge Marketplace.

For customers already using Webex Meeting Center integration, contact Global Customer Support to enable the Edge Tile in Production.

The new Webex Meetings REST API enables seamless integration of Webex Meetings into your websites, apps, and services. Use Webex to schedule meetings, invite meeting attendees, update preferences, and more. The APIs used in the integration is replaced in the existing integration so that the transition for the customer is as smooth as possible.

Performance Features

Feature Name Automatically Enabled? Description
Bulk Reopen of Performance Review Task Steps by Admin Enabled by administrator With this enhancement, a reviewer can reopen a review step for one or more reviewees at the same time, provide a reason for reopening the step, and view the updated due date for the reopened step.
Check-Ins Insights Yes With this enhancement, a new Check-Ins Insights page is provided that contains an Upcoming Meetings section, a Notifications section, and a Follow-Ups section that provides notifications to managers and employees about meetings and follow-ups.
Check-Ins Mobile Enhancements Yes The new Check-Ins new mobile enhancements allow users to easily access all meeting features and resources
Display Goal Assignment Details Yes With this enhancement, goal assignment details now appear in the goals Modification History.
Review Task Central – General Availability Activated by administrator

Review Task Central provides reviewers an easy way to view and work on all their assigned performance review steps in one location.

This functionality is now General Availability (GA).

Skills in Performance Reviews – General Availability Enabled by administrator

With this enhancement, a new Skills Review section is added to Performance Reviews. In the Skills Review section, users can:

  • Update the employee's skills profile
  • View and launch content that is tied to a skill
  • Rate skill proficiency
  • Add custom questions to the new Skill Assessment section

This functionality is now General Availability (GA).

Recruiting Features

Feature Name Automatically Enabled? Description
Application Custom Fields in Recruiting Emails Yes

With this enhancement, recruiters can now add a tag to application custom fields and insert application custom field tag into email templates. Application custom field tags automate the process of sharing application information to reduce the recruiter's workload and ensures that the shared data is standardized and reliable.

Candidate Skills Match (Open Beta) No With this release, on the Manage Candidates page, a new "Candidate Score" field is provided. The candidate skills match score is calculated by matching a candidate's profile against the requisition's job description. Additionally, recruiters can also check for missing and matching skills.
Deprecation of Data Load Wizard (DLW) Requisition Template Load with the November '23 Release N/A The ability to perform Requisition Template data loads using DLW will be deprecated with the November ’23 Release.
Display Candidate Documents on Universal Profile Yes

With this enhancement, once a candidate is hired, documents uploaded to a candidate's profile by a recruiter, or documents uploaded to the application by the candidate, are automatically transferred the new hire's Universal Profile Snapshot Document tab.

Display Org Units to Approvers of Requisition Requests​ Yes With this enhancement, requisition request Division and Location information is now visible on the Hiring Dashboard and the Universal Profile Actions/Requests page. This allows approvers to immediately see if they need to take action on a requisition request.
Extend Bulk Selection on Manage Candidates Page – General Availability Yes

With this enhancement, recruiters can select and perform actions for 20 or 50 candidates per page.

This functionality is now General Availability (GA).


Google is Deprecating Standard Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023 N/A

Google is deprecating standard Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. A Knowledge Article has been created with guidelines to understand how to migrate from Google Universal Analytics to Googly Analytics 4 using the Google Tag Manager.

Interview Scheduling – Usability Enhancements Yes With this release, a new selectable "Virtual" option is available to indicate the interview type, the formatting for comments added by a recruiter is respected for readability, and it is now possible to share a candidate's phone number in an additional email.
Manage Applicants Deprecation with the Q1 2024 Release N/A

The Manage Applicants deprecation ensures all users benefit by using Manage Candidates enhanced, mobile-friendly user experience to quickly and effectively assess and manage all their candidates through the hiring process.

Prior to deprecating the Manage Applicants user interface (UI) in Q1 2024, Cornerstone will bring the most commonly used workflows to Manage Candidates to reduce complexity, making the Manage Candidates page simpler to use.

Manage Candidates Add/Move to Requisition Email Trigger Update Yes With this enhancement, when adding or moving a candidate to a new requisition from the Manage Candidates page, the Application Confirmation email is no longer triggered.
Send Email from Manage Candidates and Templates Enhancements Yes

With this enhancement, candidate communication is enhanced by:

  • Allowing administrators to add Reply-To Address and Reply-To Display Name fields to a candidate email template.
  • Allowing recruiters to provide an appropriate Reply-to address when contacting a candidate and attach documents to the email when necessary.
  • Allowing candidates to reply to a generic or dedicated Reply-to address provided, instead of the recruiter's personal email address.
  • Allowing a recruiter to and view and respond to a candidates messages even if another recruiter started the conversation.
Update Compliance Question “Voluntary Self‐Identification of Disability Form” Yes

Customers operating in the US and following Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) compliance requirements must ensure that the set of compliance questions is reflecting the latest directives of the US Government.

This enhancement updates the text of the “Voluntary Self‐Identification of Disability Form” so that the deadline of July 25, 2023 is met.