What's New for the 14 April 2023 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 14 April 2023 patch release:

Module Feature Description
Core/General Capabilities - Predicted User Proficiency Levels - View Permission With this patch, the Capabilities - Predicted User Proficiency Levels - View permission is immediately enabled for everyone in all portals to minimize engagement with Cornerstone Global Customer Support.
Performance Bulk Reopen Performance Review Steps (Early Adopter)

With this enhancement, a reviewer can reopen a review step for one or more reviewees at the same time and provide a reason for reopening the step. Note: Only one step can be opened at a time. Additionally, comments about why someone is reopening are visible in Review Task Central.

Performance Review Task Central (Early Adopter​)

With this enhancement, the new Review Task Central provides reviewers an easy way to view, submit, and calibrate all their assigned steps in one location.

Additionally, a new upgraded, intuitive user experience provides clarity on what performance tasks are due and where to find them.

Performance Skills in Performance Reviews (Early Adopter)

With this enhancement, a new Skills Review section is added to Performance Reviews. The Skills Review section:

  • Integrates a users skills profile into performance reviews and updates the skills profile as part of a performance review task.
  • Allows a user's skill proficiency to be rated from within a review.
  • Allows manager/user to add custom questions to the Skills Review section.
Performance Task Central – Bulk Submit (Early Adopter​) With this enhancement, a new Bulk Actions page allows reviewers to see which reviews are ready to submit and the overall rating for those reviews.