What's New for the 5 June 2020 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 5 June 2020 patch release:

Module Feature Description
Careers Constrain the "Check-Ins Home Page Customization - Manage" Permission With this enhancement, constraints can be added to the "Check-Ins Home Page Customization - Manage" permission to limit which organizational units (OU) an administrator has access to when customizing Check-Ins home pages.
Careers Display Avatar of Assignee in Follow-Ups With this release, once a user is assigned to a follow-up action item, their personal Avatar appears next to the assigned item on the main page and the follow-ups flyout.
Core Kronos Workforce Ready (WFR) Core Data Inbound Integration - Add "Kronos WFR API Base URL" Field

After this enhancement, administrators can and must configure their company-specific Kronos WFR API Base URL on the Settings page of their Kronos Workforce Ready (WFR) Core Data Inbound Integration in Edge.

Administrators must enter this URL in order for the integration to run successfully.

This enhancement is targeted to be released off-cycle on June 9.

Core Real-Time Data Warehouse (RTDW) Optimizations With the June 5 patch, one optimization improves performance in the Real-Time Data Warehouse (RTDW).
Core Reporting 2.0 - Calculated Fields With this enhancement, calculated fields can be created in Reporting 2.0. Calculated fields enable organizations to generate aggregated reports based on totals of data. Having this functionality available in Reporting 2.0 will help administrators, managers, and analysts to create simple, custom calculations of their reporting data without having to export and manipulate that data in a different tool.
Engage Engage Lite With the June 5 patch, Cornerstone launches Engage Lite, a free offering that provides pre-configured surveys that clients can use to understand how their employees are feeling during a crisis. Any Cornerstone client can use Engage Lite, even those who have not previously purchased Performance or Engage products.
Learning Cornerstone Learn - Apple Human Interface Guidelines UI Enhancements (iOS)

Key design principles from Apple's Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) have been applied to enhance the user experience and modernize the Learn app for iOS users. With this enhancement, Cornerstone has enabled the following:

  • Apple's built-in system fonts
  • Dynamic type sizes
  • Multi-tasking functionality for iPad users
  • iOS standard navigation bar
  • Replaced the navigation menu with links
Learning Learning Details Redesign (Early Adopter) – Ability to Control Data Display

With this enhancement, the Learning Details Preferences page has been updated to be responsive and allow administrators to control visibility of the metadata that displays on the Learning Details page, such as Available Languages, Subjects, Provider, and more.

Learning "Price Visible" Preference Moved to Learning Details Preferences

With this enhancement, the Price and Training Units visibility setting has been moved from the Content Requesting Preferences page to the new Page Display section of the Learning Details Preferences page. This setting still controls price visibility on both the legacy and redesigned Learning Details pages. In addition, an Only Display when Value is Greater than Zero sub-option is available, allowing administrators to determine whether a price displays for training items with no cost.

Learning Withdraw from Session Email Tag Added to "Session Start Date" Email

With this enhancement, a new WITHDRAW.SESSION.LINK email tag is available for Session Start Date emails. The WITHDRAW.SESSION.LINK tag is SSO enabled but is also available for non-sso enabled portals. This tag displays as a link in the email, and if the user clicks the link, they are navigated to the Cancel Registration page of the selected event. The learner then only needs to select a reason for their withdrawal. This new tag allows administrators to save their users time and deliver a better ILT user experience.

Learning - Integrations and APIs eeds - Continuing Medical Education Integration

With this enhancement, a new eeds integration is available via the Edge Marketplace, allowing organizations to view and track CME credits imported from eeds within learners' transcripts in the Cornerstone Learning Management System (LMS). Using this integration, learners and learning administrators are able to search, find, and confirm CME credits on the learner's transcript.

Recruiting Assessment Connector - Redirect URL

With this enhancement, a Supports RedirectUrl field is added to the Settings page for the Assessment Connector integration. When this field is toggled to on, candidates are redirected to the assessment in the same tab as the application workflow.