What's New for the 21 February 2020 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 21 February 2020 patch release:

Module Feature Description
Learning Cornerstone Learn - Training Image Displayed for Training Approvals

With this enhancement, if a thumbnail image does not exist in the Course Catalog for a training item, the image set via Default Training Image Preferences for the training type will be used as the thumbnail image for the training item on the Cornerstone Learn Approvals tab instead of a stock image. If the user taps the thumbnail image for a training item, they are navigated to the Training Details page for the training.

Learning Learning Assessments - Admin Experience (Open Beta)

With the February 2020 release, an open beta of a reimagined Test Engine is available. The redesigned experience is called Learning Assessments and is available to test in Stage portals only. This beta version of Learning Assessments does not yet have feature parity with the existing Test Engine. The following features are available with Learning Assessments:

  • Assessment Creation (allows administrators to define metadata for the assessment)
  • Assessment Builder (allows administrators to build the assessment structure)
  • Assessment Preview (desktop only)
  • Settings Adjustment
  • Assessment Home (allows administrators to view and manage previously created assessments)

This functionality will be available in Stage portals with the Feb 21 2020 patch.

Recruiting Simplified Recruiter Experience in Manage Candidates - Assign Integrations

With this enhancement, integrations can now be assigned from Manage Candidates. Recruiters can assign integrations to one candidate at a time or assign integrations in bulk. Adding this feature to Manage Candidates improves the recruiter experience and reduces the need to use multiple pages within Recruiting to manage your candidates.

In addition, background checks can now be assigned in any status from Manage Candidates. Prior to this enhancement, candidates had to be in a specific background check status to assign a background check.

For the 21 February 2020 patch release, this functionality is available in Stage portals only. This functionality will be available in Production/Pilot portals as part of the 6 March 2020 patch release.