What's New for the 20 December 2019 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 20 December 2019 patch release:

Module Feature Description
Core Expire User Sessions at Password Reset As of the November 1 patch, anytime a user resets their password, they are logged out of the system and are required to log in with the new password to access the portal.
Learning Learning Details Redesign - Session Scheduling Conflict Pop-Up

With this enhancement, a pop-up displays when a learner attempts to register for a session that conflicts with the time and date of another session for which they are already registered. This allows the learner to decide if they want to register for the session despite the conflict or stop the registration process for the new session.

Learning Learning Search - Exact Title Match

When using Learning Search, if an exact title match is found, that training item is prioritized and returned higher in the search results than other items. This allows learners to find relevant training results quickly and accurately. However, if a user searched for a training title that is not offered in their display language, no exact title match would be found, and a course with that title would not be prioritized in search results.

With this enhancement, users can receive exact title matches for training items offered in languages that are not their own by searching for the training using its default title.

Performance Mobile Responsive UI - Goals, Skills Matrix, Observation Checklists, Universal Profile

With this enhancement, the mobile response capability is improved for Goals, Skills Matrix, Observation Checklists, and Universal Profile pages. There are no changes to functionality.

Observation Checklists and Skills Matrix pages are mobile responsive as of the December 20 patch. All other pages are targeted for UAT in stage environments and production/pilot with the Feb ’20 Release.

Recruiting HireRight Global Employment Screening Integration

The HireRight Global Employment Screening Integration lets you order any of the HireRight 200+ global background screening and drug testing services directly from within Cornerstone. Status updates are provided in real-time, providing you with fast and reliable visibility into screening orders.

If you are using the legacy HireRight integration, please contact HireRight to begin the migration process.

This integration is available on 23 December 2019.

Recruiting SHL Talent Assessments Integration

The SHL Talent Assessments integration lets recruiters identify best-fit candidates, using targeted, predicted assessments, and provides an engaging, candidate-centric experience to help you attract the top candidates. This integration is available for clients using SHL TalentCentral.

If you are using the legacy SHL Select2Perform, please reach out to your SHL Account Manager to discuss the upgrade to SHL TalentCentral.

This integration is available on 23 December 2019.