What's New for the 1 November 2019 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 1 November 2019 patch release:

Module Feature Description
Core Expire User Sessions at Password Reset As of the November 1 patch, anytime a user resets their password, they are logged out of the system and are required to log in with the new password to access the portal.
Learning Learning Details Redesign (Early Adopter) Enhancements

With the Nov 1, 2019 patch, the following enhancements were made to the Learning Details (Early Adopter) page:

  • A permanent Notify Me of New Sessions link is available on the Learning Details page for events, even if sessions are currently available for the event.
  • Users can generate an exception request when a session they are requesting has prerequisites that the user has neither requested nor completed. This enhancement applies to both the Events Details page and the Curriculum Details page.
Performance Goals With this enhancement, administrators can configure the Email Digest to send an automated report to approvers when a goal is pending their approval.
Recruiting Broadbean OFCCP Integration

OFCCP Compliance provider with non-government partnerships, which acquires Cornerstone job listings and distributes to state workforce agencies and their technology partners.

This integration is available on 4 November 2019.

Recruiting Clinch Talent Integration

Cornerstone and Clinch seamlessly integrate to deliver an optimized candidate experience to help talent acquisition teams recruit more effectively with less manual effort. Covering every step of the candidate journey - from first visit to the careers site all the way through apply, hire and pre-boarding.

This integration is available on 4 November 2019.

Recruiting Sterling RISQ Background Check Integration

A background screening solution between Cornerstone Recruiting and Sterling’s RISQ platform that frees teams from manual, time consuming tasks related to screening program, while also providing real-time screening results directly into Cornerstone.

This integration is available on 4 November 2019.