What's New for the 6 September 2019 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 6 September 2019 patch release:

Module Feature Description
Core Cookie-less Video Streaming With this enhancement, the Akamai video player is now cookie-less. As a result, the player no longer requires the acceptance or use of third-party cookies and organizations no longer need to add Akamai trusted sites to browser configurations.
Cornerstone HR Notification of User Reconciliation via Data Feed

With this enhancement, organizations using Cornerstone HR and a data feed will receive a notification when users are reconciled as part of the data feed. The following information is included in the email:

  • Feed Name
  • Feed Run - This displays the date and time at which the data feed was processed.
  • File Type
  • File Name - This displays the name of the file that was used in the data feed.
  • # of records deactivated - This displays the number of users who were reconciled within the data feed.
  • User reconciliation datetime - This displays the date and time at which the users were reconciled.

This functionality was originally released with the August 2019 Release.

Learning/Mobile Cornerstone Learn - Hide/Show Price on Training Details With this enhancement, the existing "Price Visible" field in Content Request Preferences is respected in the Cornerstone Learn app.
Learning/Mobile Cornerstone Learn - Biometric Support for SSO on iOS With this enhancement, the Cornerstone Learn app provides biometric support for Single Sign-on (SSO) on iOS devices. After a user signs in to the Cornerstone Learn app with SSO, they are prompted to associate the biometric information that they have on their phone to their login. This enhancement closes a key gap in functionality as it relates to logging into the iOS app.
Recruiting/Edge Choice Screening Background Check Integration

A new Choice Screening Background Check integration in Edge allows Cornerstone Recruiting clients with a Choice Screening account to seamlessly background check applicants all from within Recruiting.

The following functionality is included:

  • Order Background Checks - Assign Choice Screening products and customized packages to applicants from within Cornerstone Recruiting.
  • Track Background Check Status - Easily view the real-time status of an applicant’s background screening.
  • View Completed Results - Access completed background checks all from within Cornerstone Recruiting.
Recruiting Mobile-Friendly Career Site Job Search Optimizations With this enhancement, job seekers receive up-to-date search results with improved performance of the job search engine. Jobs posted to Mobile-Friendly Career Sites are now visible to applicants soon after a recruiter publishes the posting.