What's New for the 16 August 2019 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 16 August 2019 patch release:

Module Feature Description
Core Reporting 2.0 (Early Adopter) - Dashboard With this enhancement, organizations can now add their Reporting 2.0 charts to dashboards using a new Publish to Dashboards toggle. This toggle appears on the Report Properties flyout.
Core Reporting 2.0 (Early Adopter) - Migration Tool Enhancements

With this enhancement, the following changes have been made regarding migrated custom reports:

  1. Organizations can now move migrated custom reports out of the Imported Custom Reports folder to create the organization you prefer.
  2. When a custom report is imported, the fields in the imported report do not display section prefixes by default unless the report contains multiple fields with the same name (e.g., User First Name from User section and from Manager section).
  3. The Show Field Prefixes toggle in the Report Properties flyout is now available for imported custom reports. This toggle enables organizations to easily identify the report section associated with each field.
    1. If the imported custom report contains multiple fields with the same name, this toggle is on (field prefixes are displayed), and it cannot be changed. This ensures that you can distinguish all fields. This is existing behavior for Reporting 2.0 reports.
    2. If the imported custom report does not contain multiple fields with the same name, this toggle is off by default and can be changed.
  4. For imported custom reports that were imported prior to this enhancement, the Show Field Prefixes toggle is now available when editing the report, and it is in the On position by default. If the report does not contain multiple fields with the same name, then this toggle can be switched to the Off position.
Learning LAT Enhancements - Allow Decimal when Setting High User Count Limits With the August 16th patch, the Assignment Tool Preferences page displays two decimal points in the High User Count Warning field. Any decimal points configured for the High User Count Warning are respected by the Learning Assignment Tool when an administrator creates a learning assignment.
Learning Machine Learning Cluster Compute Time Stamp

With this enhancement, a time stamp for the latest cluster compute now displays on the Machine Learning Preferences page. This provides administrators with more insight into cluster compute cycles.

Learning Training Completion Page Redirect to Learner Home

With the Aug 16th patch, the learner can decide whether to navigate to their transcript or to the Learner Home page using two new navigation buttons at the bottom of the Training Completion page.

Recruiting Ad Hoc Anonymization With this enhancement, administrators and recruiters with the new Applicants: Ad Hoc Anonymization permission and permission to access an applicant's profile can anonymize an applicant directly from their profile, reducing the time to complete this action.
Recruiting USAJOBS Integration

Note: This integration was previously announced as part of the August '19 release and is now available with the 16 August 2019 patch release.

The USAJOBS integration is available for Federal agencies and lets you post your positions from your Cornerstone career site to USAJOBS. U.S. Federal Agencies are required to post open positions to USAJOBS for applicants to review, apply, and track status. Prior to this Edge integration, clients did not have the option to post new openings to USAJOBS. With this Edge integration, Cornerstone meets the minimum federal requirement by providing the ability to post new jobs to USAJOBS from Cornerstone Recruiting, thereby helping clients that are Federal Agencies to stay compliant with federal regulations.