What's New for the 14 December 2018 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 14 December 2018 patch release:

Module Feature Description
Core Marketing Communications Enhancement - Ability to View Marketing Email Modification History With this enhancement, a new Question Mark icon is now available in the Options column when viewing the Marketing Communications page. Administrators can select this icon to view the modification history of the marketing email or template.
Core Workday Core Data Inbound Integration Enhancements The Workday Core Data inbound integration now supports the configuration of User Record Custom Text Fields.
Cornerstone HR Forms Before and After With this enhancement, when a form approver is reviewing a form that has updated values, they can see the current value next to the submitted value.
Learning Learner Home Enhancements With this enhancement, the Machine Learning Platform training request count has been increased from 200 to 500. This helps to ensure learners receive the maximum number of recommended training items in each Learner Home carousel.
Learning Learning Compliance Enhancements - Additional Statuses Added to Training Removal Tool

Following this enhancement, administrators can use the Training Removal Tool to remove sessions the following additional transcript statuses:

  • Incomplete
  • Cancelled
  • No Show
  • Not Started
  • Pending OJT Completion
Learning Update to Transcript Status for completed sessions with required Pre-Work

With this enhancement, when a session with required pre-work is marked complete by the administrator submitting the roster, users' transcript statuses will display as Pending Pre-work. After completing the required pre-work, users will receive a Completed status for the session.

Mobile/Learning Cornerstone Learn Curriculum Support: View Child Items within Curriculum while Browsing

With this enhancement, users can do the following with the Cornerstone Learn app:

  • View child training items within a curriculum that is not on their transcript.
  • Take action on child training within a curriculum even if the curriculum is not on their transcript.
  • View the full curriculum structure, provided the training types are supported by the Cornerstone Learn app.
Performance Display Shared Goal Owner With this enhancement, goal contributors can see who owns their shared goals because the goal owner is now visible for shared goals from the My Goals, Team Goals, and Snapshot pages.
Performance Goals Respect Owner's Preferences and Configurations With this enhancement, the goal owner or goal assignee's Goal Preferences and Goal Configurations may be applied in Universal Profile Snapshot, Goals, and Goal Rating steps within performance reviews. Shared goals respect the goal owner's preferences and configurations.
Recruiting LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect

This enhancement fixes an issue that was preventing InMail and notes from LinkedIn from appearing in Cornerstone. In some cases, the email addresses of LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect users are not being passed from LinkedIn to Cornerstone. To address this issue, administrators will be able to manually identify which Cornerstone users should be associated with seats in LinkedIn Recruiter.