What's New for the 28 September 2018 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 28 September 2018 patch release:

Module Feature Description
Cornerstone HR e-days Absence Management - View Entitlement Balance and Absence History From the Universal Profile - My Absence Home dashboard, a section titled My Requests displays previously requested time off, including its status. Also on the My Absence Home dashboard, a Request Absence button is available for easy SSO access into e-days to submit requests for time off.
Recruiting Duplicate Check Added to Tracker I-9 Integration

This enhancement was previously announced in the August '18 release but was not yet available. This enhancement is now available.

This enhancement fixes the Tracker I-9 integration issue that was causing duplicates to be created. A duplicate check will now be in place so that when a candidate accidentally clicks the Launch button twice, the I-9 form will not create a duplicate account for the candidate.

Recruiting Updates to Veteran's Preference Questions A new Veteran Status question is added to Compliance Enablement Preferences. In addition, this enhancement updates the text in the Veteran Status (Part 60-250) question.