What's New for the 17 August 2018 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 17 August 2018 patch release:

Module Feature Description
Compensation Non-Monetary Components - Enhancements With this enhancement, a new "Non-Monetary Components" section is added to the Compensation Adjustment Report. This section lets you report on non-monetary components that are included in a compensation task.


Non-Monetary Components - Set Availability

The ability to set availability for non-monetary components is now available with the 17 August 2018 patch release.

For more information about non-monetary components, see the Non-Monetary Components topic in the What's New for August 2018 area of Online Help.

Cornerstone HR e-days Absence Management Entitlement Widgets From the Universal Profile - My Absence Home dashboard, display graphs associated with entitlement balances in e-days will be available.
Performance Development Plans Redesign Enhancements

Redesigned development plans will be displayed in the Actions tab of Universal Profile and the corresponding "Your Action Items" Welcome Page widget, if configured in the widget settings.

Recruiting Manage Candidates - Flag Enhancements

With this enhancement, recruiters will only be able to see and add flags that are in their organizational unit (OU), and will only be able to edit candidate flags if they have the Applicants: Manage Flags permission.

Recruiting Modular Offer Letter Enhancements

The following enhancements are made:

  • Administrator Experience
    • Ability to search for sections to add to Offer Letter Templates.
    • View instructional text during feature activation of Modular Offer Letters advising that activation may take up to 1 hour to be completed.
    • When creating a new offer letter section or template, administrators can view an info icon with a reminder to fill in availability prior to adding sections and tags.
  • Recruiter Experience
    • Ability to search for sections to add to Offer Letters.