What's New for the 1 June 2018 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 1 June 2018 patch release:

Module Feature Description
Core GDPR - Recruiting Ad Hoc Anonymization Support GDPR (Recruiting) – Clients can ad hoc anonymize applicant data outside of the specified compliance settings timeframe. Please submit a ticket to Global Customer Support in order to request this for an applicant.
Cornerstone HR Form Approval Workflow - Approve by Group or OU

With this enhancement, organizations can add a group or organizational unit (OU) to a form approval workflow. This enables more powerful employee and manager self-service capabilities through enhanced workflow configuration, which frees administrator time to work on other priorities.

Edge Reporting API

With the June 1 patch, the following enhancements have been made to the Reporting API:

  • A count parameter has been added as part of the API response. This field provides users with the total number of records their query will return. This allows users to validate that the number of records returned over multiple requests with the number of records the API query provides. For more details on how to enable this feature, please contact Global Customer Support.
  • To provide better response times, optimizations have been made to the following views:
    • vw_rpt_user
    • Vw_rpt_training
    • Vw_rpt_user_cf
Engage/Performance Engage - Manager Hierarchy View With this enhancement, users with the appropriate permission can view Engage results by manager, filter for specific managers, compare multiple managers within a team, and traverse the reporting hierarchy to discover areas of opportunity within the organization.