What's New for the 4 January 2019 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 4 January 2019 patch release:

Module Feature Description
Core/Edge Ultimate Software's UltiPro Single Sign-On (SSO) The UltiPro Single Sign-On integration allows organizations to provide a seamless experience to their employees via Single Sign-On (SSO). Simply set up an outbound data feed from UltiPro to Kronos or the UltiPro Core Data Inbound Integration and enable this integration to allow your employees to log in to Cornerstone from UltiPro.
Core/Edge Workday Core Data Inbound Integration Enhancements With this enhancement, the Workday Core Data inbound integration in Edge can now use Workday Eligibility Criteria to filter which users' data is sent to the Cornerstone system.
Learning Learning Compliance Enhancements - Learning Assignment Tool Enhancements

With this enhancement, the following training behaviors have been updated:

  • The Assign New Occurrence setting pushes the assignment training every time users enter the dynamic assignment criteria. Users who enter the assignment availability with previous version on their transcripts will continue to receive the latest version of the training.
  • A new option enables users to maintain their progress on all assigned training, provided the assignment was created with the Assigned, Approved, and Registered option selected. Note: This was made possible for curriculum training types with the Aug '18 release. With this patch, users can maintain progress on all training types.
  • Curriculum reassignment provides users with the latest version of all child training contained within the curriculum.
Recruiting Apply with LinkedIn 1.0 Retirement

As a reminder, LinkedIn is retiring the previous version of Apply with LinkedIn at the end of 2018. LinkedIn has communicated that the final deprecation will happen by January 11 and will be rolled out gradually. Clients who have a LinkedIn Recruiter contract, or a LinkedIn corporate account with active LinkedIn job slots, can leverage the new Apply with LinkedIn (With Apply Starters). The new Apply with LinkedIn (With Apply Starters) will only be supported on mobile friendly workflows. Find out more about Apply with LinkedIn (With Apply Starters).

To ensure candidates do not experience an Apply with LinkedIn button that does not work on their applications, Cornerstone will automatically disable the old Apply with LinkedIn for all clients, effective with the January 4 patch.

Recruiting Increased File Size Limit on Additional Attachments

Prior to this enhancement, the file size limit for additional attachments on mobile-friendly application workflows was 5 MB. This file size was too small to accommodate large attachments.

With this enhancement, the file size has been increased to 10 MB. This allows candidates to upload larger attachments to their applications.

Recruiting Tracker I-9 Integration Usability Enhancement

Prior to this enhancement, some new hires could not complete their I-9 forms within the Tracker I-9 integration. As a result, the I-9's were being completed outside the system in order to maintain compliance.

With this enhancement, fewer defects should occur so that new hires can complete the form within the Tracker I-9 integration.