What's New for the 10 November 2017 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 10 November 2017 patch release:

Module Feature Description
Learning Content Uploader Permissions With this enhancement, users can only access the Content Uploader page if they have the permission for uploading online classes. The permissions for uploading online classes and new versions of online classes no longer provide access to the Content Uploader page by themselves, but these permissions are otherwise unaffected.
Learning Provider IDs With this enhancement, an ID column has been added to the Training Providers page, to support the creation of custom Learning Search URL filters.
Recruiting Universal Background Screening Integration

With this enhancement, Universal Background Screening integrations are now available through the Edge Marketplace. The Universal Background Screening integration allows you to place and track background checks for applicants.

This integration allows organizations to choose a background vendor that fits their needs and budget, get the best satisfaction from the product, and minimize change management within their organization.