What's New for 19 May 2017 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 19 May 2017 patch release:

Feature Description
Batch Edit User Records With this enhancement, administrators can batch edit user records via the new Org Chart functionality and via a new Batch Edit Users page. This functionality is only available for organizations using Cornerstone HR.
Career Center Job Search Enhancements With this enhancement, when exploring open jobs within the Career Center, internal applicants now have the option to search for jobs using Requisition custom fields. Administrators must add the requisition custom fields as Career Center search fields within Career Center Preferences.
Enable Links in the Mobile Job Ad With this enhancement, links on mobile job ads for Recruiting are now clickable. Applicants can tap the link and successfully access the desired content.
Learning Assignment Tool - Training Purpose With this enhancement, all learning assignments can include training purposes, regardless of how many LOs have been selected, as long as the selected LOs have at least one common training purpose.
Link to Postings for Requisition Approvals With this enhancement, a View Postings button now appears at the bottom of each job requisition page when the requisition is in a Pending Approval or Open Pending Re-Approval status. This provides requisition approvers with quick access to the Edit Postings page so that they can review the proposed postings for the job.
Sterling Integration The Sterling integration is a background check and drug screening tool. This integration streamlines and improves recruiters' efficacy of their hiring process.