What's New for 12 August 2016 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 12 August 2016 patch release:

Feature Description
Credit Card Processing Form With this enhancement, when paying by credit card in the Shopping Cart, the Billing Address fields are reordered so that compliance requirements are met.
Resume Review Link in Emails

With this enhancement, when sending a resume review link from the Actions drop-down menu on the Manage Applicants page, the From: email address as viewed by the recipient’s email client will now be the system-defined email address (based on the email address defined in the backend setting for the default email address for the From: field), and the Reply-To: email address will be the sender's email address.

Step Reopened in Custom Emails With this enhancement, the Performance Review Step Reopened email is now available when the Custom Emails option is selected when configuring the review step workflow for performance review tasks. The Performance Review Step Reopened email is an existing email that is triggered when a performance review step is reopened in order to alert or remind the user that a performance step has been reopened.
User/OU Filters in Custom Reports With this enhancement, when copying custom reports, any filters set on the User/OU Filters tab in the Report Designer are retained on the copied report.
View and Manage Onboarding for Direct Reports With this enhancement, constraints are added to Onboarding permissions to provide managers with access to view and manager their direct reports' onboarding. Prior to this enhancement, the permission constraints were limited to OU (organizational unit) and User's OU.
View People Enhancements

With this enhancement, the following features are added to View People:

  • Add/Save Search to Favorites
  • Clear All Filters
  • Select All Employee Cards