What's New for 15 May 2015 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 15 May 2015 patch release:

Feature Description
Compensation Plan - Manage Permission With this enhancement, a new Compensation Plan - Manage permission is now available. This permission grants Compensation Managers the ability to access to the landing page of their assigned compensation tasks. This permission also grants the ability to create and manage compensation plans within the task. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an end user permission.
Mark Transcript Exempt Permission

The Mark Transcript Exempt permission is an existing permission that allows administrators to set constraints by OU, User's OU, and User's Subordinates. However, prior to this release, when constraints were set, the system did not apply the constraints to the permission.

Following this release, if constraints are configured for the Mark Transcript Exempt permission, the constraints will be applied in the system. Therefore, the Mark Exempt link will no longer display for users for whom the constraints apply.