What's New for 27 February 2015 Patch Release

The following new features and enhancements are released along with the 27 February 2015 patch release:

Feature Description
Inactivate Standard Form Tasks With this enhancement, an Inactivate option is added to the Options drop-down on the Form Task Administration page. This option enables administrators to inactivate a standard form task.
Prevent Upload of HTML Files

Prior to this enhancement, a backend setting controlled whether users could upload HTML files (.htm/.html) to the Custom HTML Widget in New Connect communities and Knowledge Bank.

With this enhancement, the backend setting is expanded to control whether users can upload HTML files to anywhere in New Connect, Legacy Connect, Legacy Knowledge Bank, Universal Profile: Feedback, and Universal Profile: Snapshot - Documents. Organizations may choose to disable the ability to upload HTML files because malicious HTML files may be uploaded, which is a potential security risk.