Interview Scheduler Enhancements to the Paradox Integration

With the Paradox interview scheduler integration, recruiters can use the Manage Candidates page to easily automate the scheduling/rescheduling of interviews. Paradox offers native integrations to calendar and virtual meeting tools which can be leveraged in the context of this integration.​​

The key features for this integration are as follows:

  • Schedule/reschedule/cancel interviews​​
  • Integrate with calendar and virtual meeting tools​​
  • Commuicate with candidates through several methods, including email, SMS, Whatsapp​​
  • Chat with candidates


  • Ability to configure the integration in Edge
  • Automatic deletion of candidates in Paradox upon anonymization in Cornerstone
  • Cancellation of interviews for closed candidates

Starter Guide

Click here to view the Paradox Interview Scheduler Integration Starter Guide.