Goals Redesign (Open Beta)

With this release, the redesigned Goals features provide end-users with a new intuitive interface that enables them to easily view, track, and manage their goals on the My Goals page.

To access the new Goals redesign, go to Performance > Try the new Goals.

My Goals Page

On the redesigned My Goals page, users can:

  • View Tasks, Targets, overall completion progress, and weight percentage
  • Apply filters to the change period display goals by status

Note: Division Goals and Manager Goals are no longer visible on the My Goals page.

Update Progress and Add Comment

By selecting edit icon, users can quickly update goals and add a comment.

Update Status and Add Comment

By selecting the edit icon, users can quickly update goal status and add a comment.

Cancel and Delete Goals

By selecting Cancel or Delete from the action menu, users can respectively cancel and delete goals and add a comment.


  • This functionality is available for all organizations using the Performance Goals module.
  • Users cannot navigate between the current Goals user interface (UI) and the new Goals UI, but can open the new UI without overwriting the current UI.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

View Goals

Grants ability to view own goals and (depending on role and settings) goals of others (manager's visible goals, direct subordinate's goals, company goals, division goals). This permission can be constrained by Employee Relationship, OU, User's OU, and User Self and Subordinates. This is an end user permission.