Stripe Tax - Standalone Feature for Any Payment Gateway

Prior to this enhancement, payment gateways within Cornerstone Learning for Extended Enterprise (CSX EXE), like Adyen, Paypoint, etc., did not have a ‘Sales Tax’ calculation service feature. Customers using payment gateways that did not provide a Sales Tax calculation service could not collect the sales tax amount from their end users for the transactions made in CSX EXE.

With this enhancement, customers who use payment gateways within CSX EXE to sell courses and want an additional Tax service can now use the Stripe tax feature to add the sales tax to the purchase price of the products they sell through CSX EXE during the transaction. It is a standalone feature and is independent of the Stripe payment gateway.

The following key functionalities accompany the new feature:

  • Easy to register with Stripe.
  • Automatically collect the right amount of Tax.
  • Customers can easily access the reports within Stripe to file returns.



Note: Stripe Tax is now available for other payment gateways in CSX EXE. Cybersource no longer provides Tax services to other payment gateways.

Setting up Stripe Tax in CSX user interface

To avail the Stripe Tax service, the customers must have a Stripe account. Set up the regions within your Stripe Account for which the sales tax needs to be calculated. Your Stripe Account ID and secret key are required to complete the setup in CSX EXE under the “Modify Payment Gateway” page.

In CSX EXE, Stripe Tax needs to be enabled via the “Define Payment Account” page. See Stripe Payment Gateway - Define Payment Account.

In the “Define Payment Account” page, under the Tax Calculator section, select “Stripe” from the dropdown and enter your Stripe Account ID and secret key that Stripe provided. For more information, See Stripe Payment Gateway - Tax.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

  • The administrators can collect sales tax upfront using Stripe Tax for most payment gateways available via CSX EXE.
  • It is easy to define the specific regions within Stripe for Tax calculation.
  • The end user gets a clear visibility of the Tax that needs to be paid for the given transaction.


  • Stripe tax is now available for Adyen, NIC Colorado, and PayPoint Payment gateways.
  • Stripe tax was already available for Stripe Payment Gateways users.
  • Stripe tax is not available for Cybersource and PayPal payment gateways.
  • Customers need a Stripe payment gateway account to use the Stripe tax service.
  • Customers need to set up the regions in their Stripe account for which they want to collect Sales Tax.
  • Stripe Tax can be calculated based on the billing address only.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


To enable this functionality, please contact your account manager to allow the Tax Stripe feature within CSX EXE.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Payment Account - Modify Grants ability to create payment profiles to determine the routing of users' payments. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. eCommerce - Administration