Microsoft Teams vILT Integration Enhancements

Prior to this enhancement, limitations hindered efficient collaboration during MS Teams sessions, with a lack of support for adding co-organizers. The virtual training environment lacked customization options, restricting users from tailoring their learning experience. Also, inefficient session management practices, such as unnecessary session deletions and creations, resulted in a less streamlined user experience.

With this enhancement, Cornerstone offers its users an efficient, optimized, and versatile virtual training experience with the following features:

  • Ability to add Co-organizers to MS Teams session for support - By enabling the addition of co-organizers, the enhancement promotes collaborative session management and distributes responsibilities among multiple collaborators.
  • Support for Extended Options​ - This enhancement provides users with a more enriched and customizable experience by introducing extended options support.
  • Session Update Logic Improvement - This optimization tackles the inefficiencies in session management practices. It eliminates unnecessary session deletions and creations, resulting in a more streamlined user experience.​

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

  • Administrators can designate primary and secondary instructors, distribute responsibilities, and manage sessions more effectively.
  • The ability to delegate tasks to co-organizers ensures the workload is distributed, allowing administrators to focus on higher-level aspects of session management.
  • With the support of multiple organizers, managers and instructors can work together seamlessly, share responsibilities, and enhance the overall coordination of virtual training sessions.
  • The managers and instructors can customize settings, access detailed insights, and ensure that each session aligns with the unique requirements of the participants.
  • Unnecessary session deletions and creations are eliminated, ensuring participants a more stable and seamless virtual training experience.
  • With streamlined participation and collaborative features, participants can focus more on the content and interactions, leading to a more engaging and effective learning process.

Integration Guide

Select this link to download the Microsoft Teams vILT Integration Guide.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using the Microsoft Teams vILT Integration.