Material Versioning - Resubmit After Versioning Flow Failure

In rare cases, an error can occur during the versioning of a material by an administrator, causing an incomplete version to be created. In this scenario, the administrator is unaware the error occurred and the version is incomplete.

With the March ’24 Release, a new fail safe is built into the versioning of a material by an administrator. Now, in the rare instance that an error occurs during the creation of a new version, a message is displayed upon clicking “Save” advising the administrator of the error and directs the administrator to try saving the material again. This fail safe ensures no incomplete version is created.

Closing the message returns to the last page of the versioning process where they can try to save again to resubmit the versioning process. Resubmitting allows the versioning process to restart so it can complete successfully. If retrying the versioning process continues to fail, the administrator can follow up with customer support for troubleshooting.


This enhancement is on by default, but the new warning message is only displayed in the rare instance that an error occurs saving the material during versioning.